As a dentist, marketing is not your primary focus, and probably you do not have enough time to go into details in this field. That is why it is very easy to fall into the trap of misconceptions. And, false assumptions might be holding you back from developing a more successful and profitable dental practice.

So, let’s look into three of the most popular dental marketing myths and the benefits of parting with them:

“I don’t need marketing, I am a great dentist.”

Even if your timetable is full of appointments, you still need marketing for several reasons.

Firstly, keep in mind that things do not stay the same forever and conditions on the market can have a negative effect on your patient flow. For example, pressure from competitors, changes in patient preferences, the economic downturn might result in less patients coming in. Regular marketing activities can generate a steady flow of new patients and make your dental practice less vulnerable during difficult times. Remember: Marketing is not only advertising; there are plenty of ways to attract new patients without ads. Here are some ideas.

Also, it is a mistake to take existing patients for granted. Nurturing patient loyalty is important to keep drop-out rates down. Re-targeting them with new campaigns is an effective way to bring them in the office for regular preventative procedures during slow periods.

“I have to show complicated procedures to impress patients.”

Images from complicated dental surgery procedures are not appropriate content to share with patients. DentaVox research shows that people find bloody pictures from dental treatments as unsuitable for social media posts. Instead of impressing patients with the level of expertise required to perform the procedure, it is more likely to make them stop following your page.

DV soc media for dentists square postimg

Source: DentaVox

On the other hand, videos, tips for oral health improvement and patient testimonials are appropriate and engaging content to post on social media. If you are looking for inspiration, check our pack with dental tips images, and feel free to share them on your page.

“Online reputation is completely out of my control.”

While you cannot control what people write online about your practice, there are a number of things you can do to encourage and emphasize positive reviews.

High levels of patient satisfaction are at the core of a better online reputation. Even if you think patients are happy with your services, there still might be issues that cause dissatisfaction. These problematic areas can be identified through patient feedback. You can use a specialized platform such as Dentacoin Trusted Reviews to make sure you are addressing the most significant key aspects of the patient experience. Once uncovered, you will have a clear picture of the points to act upon.

Despite your efforts, sometimes people might post negative reviews. With a carefully considered and formed response, you can turn the conversation into a positive direction. Not sure about the best approach? Check the guidelines on how to reply to unfavorable reviews here.

And, lastly, you can build a positive online image by emphasizing and sharing strong reviews with a wider audience. Social media is one of the most suitable channels for that. Other popular means include advertising campaigns and a social proof section on your website.

So, have you heard of these myths before? Do you have on your mind other statements that sound more like myths than hard facts? Share your opinion in the comments below.