Every now and then, everyone gets in the position of a dental patient. Sometimes, it may be just for a regular check-up to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In other cases, you might need treatment by a specialist. In any of these situations, there are several ways for you to benefit from Dentacoin Trusted Reviews.

But firstly, let’s look into what is Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. It is the first review site for dental services only which rewards patients for their valuable feedback. Based on secure blockchain technology, the platform provides rewards in the form of Dentacoin tokens. It may sound very technical but in practice for you as a user, it is no different than any other website or online directory. So, here is how to make the most of using Trusted Reviews:

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Find the best dentists based on genuine reviews

There are many directories and social media platforms that feature ratings for local businesses, including dental practices. With Google, Yelp or Facebook reviews, it is not hard to find opinions when looking for a new dentist. And all of these can be useful for your initial research. However, on these platforms, it is tricky to tell which ratings and testimonials are authentic, and which are fake.

With Dentacoin Trusted Reviews it is easy to make an informed choice based on genuine feedback from real patients. Marked as “trusted”, verified reviews are left upon a dentist’s invitation after a visit to the dental practice. This makes it easier to judge if the patient testimonial is trustworthy. 

Moreover, unlike other platforms where the focus is on the overall score, here you get detailed feedback on patients’ journeys. A general star rating provides little information about what exceeded expectations or caused disappointment. In contrast, Dentacoin Trusted Reviews questionnaire encompasses all important aspects, from booking an appointment through treatment to payment. In this way, you have a breakdown of the rating score to get the full picture of service quality. 

To find the best fit for your requirements, you filter dentists in your area by specialty, compare their ratings and learn more from the words of patients like you. You don’t need a registration to access the full information about the dental practices.

Give detailed feedback to your dentist (and get rewarded for it!)

You may be wondering why dedicate time to write a review for your dentist? Sharing your experience will help other potential patients to decide which dental practice is most suitable for their case. Moreover, it can help your dentist to identify the aspects that need improvement and to act on this insight. That’s why your detailed feedback is so valuable. And, on top of it, you get a reward for your verified contribution in Dentacoin tokens.

Need inspiration to get started? Check out our tips for giving useful feedback.

Earn rewards for your valuable contributions

No matter if you gave a 5-star rating or shared dissatisfaction with provided services, you will get rewarded for your honest opinion. Note that in order to prevent fake reviews, only feedback from real patients is incentivized. You need to send a request for a review invite to your dentist from Trusted Reviews website and submit the feedback from the link you will receive by email. Record a short video testimonial right from the platform to get the maximum prize.

In case your dentist is not on the platform yet, you can provide their contact details and we will invite them to join. You receive a reward for each real entry even if the dentist or dental clinic doesn’t sign up.  

The rewards come in the form of Dentacoin tokens and you can use them to cover your next dental treatment, exchange them to any crypto or national currency, or keep them as savings for future usage. 

How to get started?

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