Building trust is a crucial part of each business dealing with customers. And, although dental care is a healthcare service, running a successful practice requires also a business-oriented mindset. For example, you constantly need to be in contact with people in order to keep your practice going. And, furthermore, you need to provide those people with a positive experience in order to attain them coming back to you.

   1. Show personalized attention to each patient 

If you wish your patients to trust you full-heartedly you shall go beyond what is expected and what is traditional. Give a little bit of extra, in order to gain extra trust and support. Surprises not only make people feel appreciated, but they are also quite memorable.

Make them feel special – try to remember something, although small details about each patient. Yes, it may be hard to remember facts about hundreds of people, but try to genuinely be interested in your patients. You may end up surprised about what intriguing facts you will find. Building a friend-like relationship is crucial when creating a long-lasting relationship, no matter what practice you run. 

Dr. Gabriele Floria is part of Dentacoin Partner Network. By looking through his Trusted Reviews page you can see that his returning patients are feeling appreciated and valued. Furthermore, Dr. Floria is inspired by his young and progressive patients, and that’s why he does not stop developing his practice.

    2. Excellent customer service 

No matter how good you are as a dentist it’s very important to have accessible and polite reception staff. It is very often that people are happy with the experience they had at the doctor’s office but they are rather unsatisfied with the service of the assisting staff. So make sure your receptionist or practice manager is trained on how to handle challenging situations and difficult patients.

Make sure you are involved in the professional development of your staff. Conduct monthly meetings to check up on their progress. That way you will be able to detect any problems from their early beginning, rather than waiting until you receive negative feedback. Such as in dental care, in customer service, prevention is much better than looking for a solution once problems occur.


   3. Show people that you care!

What is an interesting way to turn ordinary clients into devoted patients is to make them feel connected to a cause. To achieve this you need to initiate an event or create a certain campaign that will attract participants. Shorten the dentist-patient distance by sharing your values and beliefs.

Your practice is celebrating 5 years? Besides the usual Facebook post, it will be a good idea to create an initiative or a campaign that your regular patients can engage with. Be creative! Think of something that will add value for your patients as well as for the local community. A perfect example of a dental charity campaign is Smiles For Life that unites dentists from the USA and Canada. They donate their time to whiten the teeth of their patients. Instead of paying the dentist,  the patients make a donation to children’s charities. 



  4. Don’t stop learning each new year

No matter how important social interactions are, and how good it is to be creative and socially involved, the most important thing as a dentist will always be to keep on providing good dental care. Ultimately, this is the most effective way to keep your patients happy and coming back to your practice. 

To be a good dentist and to attain your customers for the long run you need to initiate your practice to evolve by implementing new technologies and innovative practices, and keeping a fresh design of your premises. Expand your knowledge in order to expand your patients list, and keep old customers. For example you can check specialized courses on different topics in @identalcourses and upgrade your knowledge in multiple areas, as well as to learn about new trends in dentistry. 



Development is the key to each area in life, so do not stay behind and keep up with the new trends. One way you could do that is by joining the Dentacoin partners network. We have gathered a society of dentists devoted to dental care who are implementing new technologies in their practice and are standing out of the crowd. Learn more here.