While you’ve been busy providing the best dental treatment for your patients, the end of the year has been fast approaching. Now that December is almost upon us, you might think that it is too late for a holiday season campaign. Don’t worry, there is still time to leverage the festive hype. The holiday season presents an excellent opportunity to market your practice both to current and new patients and build long-lasting relationships.

Our list of ideas will help you put your campaign on the fast track without losing your valuable time.

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#1: Run a Holiday Giveaway on Social Media

Who doesn’t like freebies? Running a giveaway is a great way to engage with your patients. More importantly, it can help you reach their friends and social media connections.
Ask participants to share, like, comment or post on your page in order to enroll in the contest. This way your content will be displayed also to their network of contacts on the social media platform.
There are many ways to make it more engaging. For example, fill in the gaps type of campaign is both easy and entertaining. Write a sentence in the post with blank spaces and ask patients to write their suggestions in the comments, e.g. “______ teeth make me show off my smile”. Possible answers include white, sparkling, straight, etc. Or a more open-ended option: “My dental health resolution for the New Year is ___”.

There are various options for the giveaway prize(s). Before settling on a reward, take into consideration that a service-type reward such as teeth whitening or a check-up will make people visit your practice in person. It will also give you an opportunity to suggest a follow-up visit. On the other hand, an item such as an electric toothbrush is a very lucrative gift. It will be used over a long period of time and this will keep your practice on patient’s mind longer.

Finally, before you publish the giveaway post, make sure that you follow the terms & conditions of the platform. For instance, Facebook and Instagram require you to include a text that the promotion is not sponsored or associated with the platform. For more info check here: Facebook (point 3: Promotions) and Instagram.

#2: Go live on social media with your team

A live video is one of the most powerful ways to build trust and emotional connection because of its transparent, unedited format. It can boost loyalty for existing patients and alleviate anxiety for new ones. You will make them feel like they already know you.
It doesn’t need much preparation from your side. You can simply spread the festive spirit and wish happy holidays. You will show your friendly team and beautifully decorated office. Or you can include some dental tips for the holiday season.

#3: Remind about expiring insurance benefits

The benefits deadline for many insurance plans is December 31. In the first week of the month, there is still time for your patients to take advantage. Actually, the fear of missing out on this opportunity can be a trigger to take action. Post on social media and send an email newsletter to encourage patients. This can be a great way to fill in available time slots before the holidays and will open a door for follow-up visits at the beginning of the New year.
Make sure you include a link to your appointment booking page or contact number.

#4: New Year resolutions promo

New Year resolutions are hard to keep. From healthier habits to more frequent preventive visits, these promises last about 21 days. Offer your patients a way for a fresh start of the year with a special promo. It may include а dental check-up, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening (to remove wine stains from the festive cheers 🙂 or any treatment you would like to promote.

We hope that our ideas inspired you to kick off your holiday campaign. Don’t forget to stay in touch with patients throughout the entire year!

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