September is one of the lowest patient-traffic months there is, stats show. Like anything in life, dentistry is also seasonal. Being aware of such seasonal changes however can help dentists better plan their campaigns, as well as working hours. 

Careful preparation helps you not only engage with people more but also potentially broaden your patient base. With the new season approaching, we believe it’s good to come up with new strategies and fresh ideas for business. We share with you some creative ways to enhance your dental practice this autumn:

Back-to-School Check-up Campaign

For most people autumn is the season of going back to school or the office. It’s a dynamic time of the year and dental care is rarely on the priority list. Don’t be shy! Remind your patients of yourself by a friendly Back-to-school campaign encouraging kids to do their annual checkups!

Why is autumn the perfect time for a visit to the dentist? With stats showing that only half of all children aged 2-17 actually have dental checkups once a year it’s about time, we change that! And the beginning of the school year could be the perfect time for a visit! It’s the time right before important school projects and homework takes over students’ time. You may even further encourage parents by offering a back-to-school students discount. There are many options! 


Teeth Cleaning Promotion

48% of participants in DentaVox survey admit to having increased consumption of sweetened food and drinks during the summer months. No wonder so many people experience teeth sensitivity these days! All that means is autumn is the time to take care of patients’ smiles.


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Encourage patients to book an appointment by offering a discount for teeth cleaning or other important preventative procedure. You can motivate them to pay more attention to their oral health by using a program like Dentacoin which emphasizes prophylaxis and rewards patients for their engagement. And, what is more, without any cost for your dental practice.


Referral Discounts

Referrals are responsible for 63% of new patients in the dental industry, stats show. And mouth to mouth marketing still is the most effective way to expand, as other research reports that close to 83% of people trust recommendations from friends and family. Use this to your advantage by implementing a referrals program for your patients. Not only will that increase the engagement of your current patients, but you will also expand your base. 

You can create referral cards for patients to score points, or create a giveaway. Either strategy you chose, chances are that new leads will come to your practice! Here is a good example by Oakville Dental Care, a referral program which rewards both the referring patient and his friend.




Extended Autumn Hours

As we stated above, back-to-school season comes with many responsibilities. So it will be of your greatest advantage if you extend your opening hours so people could come in late evenings. Create a flexible time schedule for you and your team that will assure that you are open at times when no one else will be available.

That surely does not mean that you should be working 24/7 but it means that you should be working smart. Take time for rest during the hours most people work, and be there for patients when they need you. Our partner in India Deep Dental does not only work on the weekend, but he is also giving additional discounts to those who sign in for a visit. 



Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Sadly 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2020 alone. In the month of October people from all around the world raise awareness about this tragic disease. To gain new patients is always important, but giving back to the community should also be of utmost priority for a healthcare specialist!

Join a local campaign dedicated to helping affected people. You can ask them how you could help. Alternatively, you can also come up with your own way to raise awareness as a dentist. A perfect example is Village Dental’s initiative to wear pink scrubs in order to show support for people and families affected by the disease.