As we put another busy and productive month behind us. it’s time to congratulate the Top Dentists of the Month for April:


🏅 Golden Smile Dent – Top-Rated New Partner

In April we were excited to welcome to Dentacoin Partner’s Network Golden Smile Dent, a top-rated dental clinic with 2 locations in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. Golden Smile Dent is a preferred dental care provider both for international and local patients. With excellent 5-star ratings on many platforms such as GCR and Google Reviews, it is no wonder that the clinic quickly became among the highest-evaluated clinics on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Learn more about patient’s experience at Golden Smile Dent here:


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🏅 Dr. Ilir Hoti – Progressive Partner Dentist

A founder of Holywood Smile, Dr. Ilir Hoti has always been passionate to bring in innovative approaches and technology for the benefit of patients. He is among the pioneers in the region in using  hypnotherapy for patients with dental phobia. A regular participant in international dental forums, he is always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the field.

Recently, his progressive approach has brought him to Dentacoin Partner’s Netowrk:

“Everything in life evolves. Therefore, payments have to evolve, too!”, shared Dr. Hoti as a keen supporter of crypto payments.


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🏅Dr. Abhinav Singh – Outstanding Profile

With the aim to introduce the highest standards of dental care to patients in Lucknow, Dr. Abhinav established his dental practice following the best practices of dental care globally. Thanks to the detailed feedback from patients on their profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, potential patients can get a feel of the excellent care prior to their first visit at the clinic:


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Enjoy the month ahead and stay tuned for our free dental marketing tips, tricks and free guides!