With the turn of the new month, it is time to welcome the Dentists of the Month for September:

🏅 InDental– New Partner Clinic 

InDental recently became the first Dentacoin partner clinic in Ecuador. The clinic is located in the town of Guayaquil, a dental tourism destination where many patients take advantage of InDental top-quality dental treatment. The clinic was already featured on the list of Top Dentist of the Month in April for the outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Check it out here:


🏅 Dental Work NY – Pioneering Partner Clinic

Dental Work NY is a chain of 6 dental clinics throughout Manhattan and Bronx, in the New York metropolitan area. The dental chain joined Dentacoin partner network back at the beginning of 2018. Upon becoming a partner, Dr. Gizerskaya commented:
These are early days for all cryptos. I think will build to a “tipping point” when blockchain transactions are the dominant way people exchange currency. If Dentacoin keeps on pushing forward establishing their network and capabilities, they will already be there in the sun when it rises.”



🏅 Saar Dental Specialist Center  – Outstanding Clinic Profile

The motto of Saar Dental Specialist Clinic is to turn the dental visit into an enjoyable experience while offering top-quality dental treatment and creating beautiful smiles. With advanced diagnostics and treatment methods, patients can feel relaxed that they will get the best treatment for their condition. Find out more about the dental clinic from their outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews:


Stay tuned for more news, updates, and valuable marketing tips for dentists throughout September!