Out of 3788 respondents, 90% of people believe that in 10 years the usage of automatization in dentistry will be widely spread. And it comes as no surprise, as our everyday life becomes more fast-paced with each year.

Automated systems can save both time and money, for practitioners, as well as for patients. Let’s take a closer look into how exactly dentists can benefit from the automated systems. And most importantly – how to use them!

Appointment automatization

When it comes to automatization, the first step for many dentists is to create an online appointment form. This little form will surely save your receptionist lots of time, therefore the whole work process in your practice will be more efficient.

Recent survey results showed that 68% of patients are more likely to choose a medical provider that offers the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online.

Check out this great appointment system that our partner from Deep Dental has created. What is more, patients can fill out their personalized form which saves a lot of time from the documentary process.

Payment Automatization

Automated billing systems ultimately reduce the labor expenses for the dental practice. Furthermore, automated systems eliminate human mistakes and allow more accurate bills. Automated softwares generates late notice notifications for patients and saves time and effort for the staff. That way dental professionals can focus on curing people, rather than wasting time on administrative tasks.

If you however, wish to maximally cut the payment procedures, you can also introduce your patients to Dentacoin. The blockchain gives opportunity for easier, tax free payments, with no third parties involved.

Automated Customer Feedback

86% of patients choose dentists by online reviews. These results show with no doubt just how important feedback is for practitioners. Thankfully, modern tools help gather and analyze data more efficiently.

Study conducted by Forbes magazine shows that in 2010, just 36% of businesses cared about customer experience. These days the number has risen to a staggering 89%. And it comes as no surprise as it seems like mouth to mouth marketing is still the most efficient way to gain new clients or new patients.
Improving the experience of patients can only be achieved by knowing what they like and dislike. And you can find out about this by the process of customer feedback.

Looking for a way to collect your patients’ feedback? Maybe it’s time to introduce them to Dentacoin Trusted Review’s platform. That way patients not only get to express their opinion, but they get rewarded for doing so.

Can automatization systems help improve the healthcare sector?

The answer is easy – definitely yes! But when it comes to implementation, a lot of professionals are still holding back from upgrading their everyday life. Automation allows dentists to focus on patients, as it eliminates time waste on administrative tasks.

There is no doubt that automated systems are the future. The sooner automated systems are adopted, the better for business, healthcare and each sector of our life.