Nowadays the web is full of online reviews for pretty much any business out there and oftentimes sifting through the noise can be a cumbersome process. So considering this, how can we as potential patients pick the most suitable dentist out of thousands in the haystack?


Do Patients Rely on Online Reviews?

First let’s take a closer look at whether online reviews are really used when picking a dentist, or somehow the industry has remained in the gray area unaffected. According to a survey by the DentaVox market research platform, a huge majority of patients do read the online reviews of dentists when making a choice – roughly 80% or about 4 out of 5 patients really do so.

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Not surprisingly, this is confirmed by the results of another survey on the platform. According to its findings, the most important factor when choosing a dentist is exactly the same – recommendations, coming in at a little more than a third of respondents. In the second place, with almost 10% fewer answers are the dentist’s age and experience, which seems counter-intuitive at first glance, but really makes sense once you consider that social proof is quite often the make-or-break factor for choosing a particular service.

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How Trustworthy Are Online Reviews

Nevertheless, moving back to the topic of noise in online reviews, the question remains – do people really trust what is written by others online? And the answer is yes for most people, with only around 10% having little-to-no trust. Still, the large majority, stuck to the answer of somewhat trusting online reviews, which shows that there is doubt that remains after all. 

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Having this in mind, how can we as patients make the difference between fake and real online dentist reviews then? Fortunately, we can look at the answers respondents gave on the same topic. According to them, the greatest tell of a fake review is that it is not written by a verified customer. A close second is that it contains vague information. 

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Thankfully, there is a cure for these symptoms of fake online reviews, which is a surefire way for you to find the best dentist – Dentacoin’s Trusted Reviews platform. The way it works is by promoting verified patient reviews, thus preventing fakes from dominating the ratings. 

Another critical remedy for the issues mentioned above is that every review is calculated, based on a large selection of factors about the patient experience, including communication, ambiance, reception, staff, treatment, and billing. This provides a great overview of all aspects that the patient goes through when being at the dentist, allowing you to make a pick based on the factors you deem most important.

So now that you are familiar with the risks of picking a dentist online, will you be taking a different look when making the choice next time? Make your registration on Trusted Reviews today and start looking at the facts, rather than vague statements you find elsewhere online: