At the last days of 2019, we are delighted to announce December’s Top Dentists of the Month:

🏅 Dr. Yogesh Khadtare – Dentacoin Pioneering Partner

Dr Yogesh Khadtare

Dr. Yogesh Khadtare is an owner of Dentech Dental Care and associate professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital. While researching the potential of cryptocurrency, Dr. Khadtare came across the news about the launch of Dentacoin currency. He was fascinated not only by the idea of industry-specific currency but also by the new ways to engage patients through Dentacoin tools.

“I believe that Dentacoin has the potential to improve the dental condition of the population on a global scale and to also strengthen the relationship between patients and dentists”, explained Dr. Khadtare back in 2017.

Firmly convinced in the long-term benefits of Dentacoin, he recognized its potential to enhance dentist-patient relations and improve satisfaction. Dr. Khadtare joined Dentacoin partners network and his dental clinic, Dentech Dental Care, became the first practice in India to adopt Dentacoin tools and accept DCN as a means of payment.

🏅 Iranian Dental Center – Outstanding Clinic Profile

Iranian Dental Clinic

Set at the heart of Muscat, Iranian Dental Center is a modern dental clinic with state of the art technological facilities.

Patient loyalty is one of the main pillars of Iranian Dental Care. Under the motto “Where beautiful smiles begin”, the team strives to make each visit to the dental clinic a positive experience for patients.

Detailed patient feedback and an outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews are a step towards accomplishing this goal. In fact, the clinic was invited to join Trusted Reviews by a patient. It took the opportunity by claiming its profile on the platform and enhanced it with more information. Now potential patients can easily get a feeling of the ambiance and modern facilities of the clinic.

🏅 Dr. Lenny Vitriana – Country’s Top-rated Dentist

Dr Lenny Vitriana

Patients in Indonesia evaluated highly Dr. Lenny Vitriana, a specialist in endodontics at Indo Dental Center. Satisfaction with the results of dental treatment and joy from the improved look of their smile is among the reasons to recommend her highly to other patients in Jakarta. Check out her profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews to find out more about the patient’s experience.

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