In these lengthy pandemic times with an unforeseeable end, Dentacoin’s keynote “Care more, cure less” is finding logical ways to manifest itself in the wider context of general health prevention. We are very proud with one of our Polish partners, Dr. Agnieszka Nowińska whose self-initiative and persistence allowed for the creation of a designated COVID vaccination point in Gdansk. Not only did she manage to overcome the inevitable administrative hurdles, but she also administers the vaccines on her own. She pays special attention to elderly people who are the most vulnerable part of the population. 

Patient’s best interest has always been in the focus of Dr. Nowinska’s attention. Prior to and during the first COVID wave in the beginning of 2020, she has been exploring innovative, digital approaches such as teledentistry, video consultations, and swift payments to facilitate patient care. By opening up to more straightforward communication and taking active interest in patients’ dental health, she believes that patients will also become more mindful about their regular dental checks and oral care habits. Her dental practice in Gdansk is famous for the so-called “One Day Visits” (ODV) which enable significantly shorter (and safer) procedures.  

When Dr. Nowińska joined Dentacoin Partner network back in July 2020, she was fascinated by the coincidence of core values that we share: prevention over treatment, ongoing dental care guidance to children and adults, close cooperation between dentists and patients. Her consistent efforts, proactive personality and kind nature brought her the well-deserved acknowledgement Top Dentist of the Month and lined her up among the Top Dentists of 2020 based on an internal vote by the Dentacoin community.



“I am very pleased and delighted with this great award! COVID-19 turned my life upside down but with some help from Dentacoin, I was able to get back to business with a bunch of great ideas for my dental practice. Be patient, work hard and I hope that Dentacoin will be able to help you, too.” 

Dr. Agnieszka Nowińska


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