Moving dentistry forward is the key mission Dr. Kevin Mirasol, Dentacoin Partner since September 2019, has devoted himself to. In his MDC-Mirasol Dental Clinic located on the picturesque island of Caluya, the Philippines, he welcomes patients from all social classes and provides personalized, long-term dental care focused on prevention. “Healthy teeth within reach”, the slogan Dr. Mirasol has chosen for his clinic, addresses the poor state of dental health in his country due to low income and limited access to dental care services. 

Aside from his work as a dentist, Dr. Mirasol is a passionate digital marketer who helps other dental professionals to build their own brands and manage their online reputation. His natural inclination to innovate, made him one of Dentacoin’s earliest supporters and one of our Partner Dentists in Asia. Last month, he was distinguished as Progressive Partner Dentist due to his active engagement in the testing phase of Dentacoin HubApp. Meanwhile, Dr. Mirasol has been selected as one of the Top Dentists in the world for the past year. This was yet another great occasion to ask him a couple of questions and find out more!

dr kevin mirasol MDC dental clinic

Dr. Mirasol, first we would like to warmly congratulate you on being selected among the World’s Top 100 Dentists for 2020! Tell us more about this award.

Thank you very much! The award was given to me by the Global Summits Institute which organizes the Doctor-to-Doctor World’s Annual Top 100. This honorary recognition is bestowed to leading doctors in dentistry, pharmacy, surgery, and other medical specialties who exemplify clinical excellence, innovation, research, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship in serving humanity and advancing the global healthcare industry.

I would like to thank the regents and great doctors for recognizing my work in the fields of dental digital marketing, practice growth strategies, and dental software. This award boosted my motivation to reach out to other dentists and health care practitioners and share my expertise, as well as to further develop myself as a dental entrepreneur.

Which are the accomplishments you were most proud of during the challenging past year?

Being at the frontline in these critical pandemic times, I have greatly embodied the role of not just a member of the healthcare team, but also a public servant ready to cater for the community. I have volunteered in the rapid COVID-19 testing and helped to promote and implement the safety protocols which are vital to lessen the risk of the virus spread.

I personally believe that doing the little things with a big heart speaks volumes! I saw how each member of the community did their part – both young and old, different political parties, people from all walks of life. I saw genuine kindness, cooperation and equality. 

How did COVID-19 affect your dental practice and life in general in the Philippines?

MDC mirasol dental clinic coronavirus

The pandemic brought chaos and depleted the economies of all countries around the world. In the same time, it also paved the way to a number of realizations. Being citizens of a “third-world” country, many of the Filipino people are living in poverty and they are the ones mostly affected. The middle class can also feel the consequences of the pandemic as employment rates decline and employees were either offered part-time work or totally fired. More and more establishments are closing.

Dental clinics are no exception as we dentists are among the professions with the highest health risk. Some of us decided to close their clinics temporarily and others (like myself) chose to handle only the emergency cases. I truly care about my patients’ dental health and given that we all live in a small island municipality, I can’t help but to give the needed support to my community.

For this purpose, I have taken extra safety measures to protect myself and my patients, in line with the standards prescribed by the department of health. 

What is the state of dental health in the Philippines nowadays? Are
“healthy teeth within reach”? What should change in your opinion?

Dental health in the Philippines is still suffering due to the high percentage of dental caries and gum disease cases. There are geographically isolated areas which don’t have access to health- and dental care. My hometown is one of these places. That is why I took up dentistry and became the first dentist in Caluya who committed himself to change the status quo. During the last almost 9 years since I started my dental practice, I have managed to achieve a considerable progress in the dental health status of the community.

I have set specific goals for each community group – from pregnant women, babies to toddlers, adolescents, adults and elderly, each with their own health risks and programs. In this way, I can address their concerns and alleviate the possible complications. Even though it is a slow process, I still believe this can make an impact for a better future – especially for the children.

dr kevin mirasol patients

How do you find your experience with Dentacoin tools so far? Do you think Dentacoin has the power to “move dentistry forward”? 

All Dentacoin apps have been useful to me. I really love DentaVox paid surveys! I regularly share them on my social pages since they are an easy and entertaining tool for educating people on dental health. It’s great that by taking these surveys, everyone can also earn Dentacoin tokens. I absolutely believe that Dentacoin is moving dentistry forward and the cryptocurrency is rising fast and will positively impact people’s lives. I am excited to see the future with the active role of Dentacoin!

Has Dentacoin changed your dental practice and how? 

Yes, in a very positive way! We have a great exposure with our profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Through the verified patient reviews, we have a more consistent flow of patients and a higher ranking on Google search. We are also using the survey statistics for our social media postings and learned a lot from your dental marketing tips and graphics. We have received many inquiries from our patients and followers after announcing that we accept Dentacoin. Some of them also began to invest in it. 

In May 2021 you are going to celebrate the 6th year since the establishment of your dental marketing agency (Pro Digital Marketing). How did it all start? Tell us more about your work. 

After establishing my clinic, I wanted to explore other areas and means of income to further enhance my knowledge and reach my goals which are not limited to the dental profession. I have researched and discovered different opportunities – from digital and affiliate marketing to Forex trading. Consequently, I focused more on digital marketing as I realized its immense potential to grow my dental practice. I saw the good results and I decided to share this game-changing experience with my colleagues as well. Our digital agency provides social media marketing services like Facebook and Instagram profile management, running ad campaigns, developing branding and engagement strategies, etc. 


Did your marketing efforts lead to a significant influx of patients coming to your own dental practice? What is their feedback on your social media posts?

Indeed, there is a tangible positive effect for my dental clinic. That’s why we keep searching for new ways of engaging other dental professionals and clinic owners who want to level up their expertise in digital marketing. Our clients express their gratitude especially for the awesome engagement on the pages we manage, as well as for the increased patient acquisition and retention rates. 

Do you always find time for all activities you are up to? How do you balance between work and family? 

I practice good time management and have a schedule for all my activities. My family is still my priority, so I set aside a full day for them (every Sunday) and try to spend as much time as possible with them after work.


We wish Dr. Mirasol good luck in his future endeavours and will keep a close eye on his dental work and marketing projects!