Another busy and exciting month is behind us and it is time to congratulate the winners of the Top Dentists of the Month award for February:

🏅 All Smiles Dentistry – New Dentacoin Partner

all smiles dentistry

Recently, All Smiles Dentistry became the latest partner clinic to join the Dentacoin network. The New York-based dental clinic provides comprehensive dental care, covering a wide variety of expert treatments and general services. Dr. Alina Lane, the founder of All Smiles Dentistry, is an award-winning dentist specialized in implantology. Apart from creating stunning natural smiles, Dr. Lane is passionate about continuously improving the level of services and expertise at the dental clinic.

At All Smiles Dentistry, educating patients on how to improve their oral health is an integral part of dental care. Thanks to this focus on prevention, patients of All Smiles Dentistry are already getting familiar with the Dentacoin tools, and especially with DentaCare app that facilitates good oral hygiene.

🏅 Dr. Leo Drakulic – Progressive Partner Dentist

leo drakulic

Dr. Drakulic began his journey with Dentacoin 2 years ago when his dental practice LekoDent became the first partner clinic in Serbia. At LekoDent, Dr. Drakulic and his colleague, Dr. Zhang, are focused on providing modern dental care to patients of all ages.

Back in 2018 when LekoDent joined Dentacoin network, Dr. Drakulic commented:

“The potential is huge, but all of us that are united by this cause need to spread this story, become an ambassador ourselves and try to involve as many people as we can.” 

And, Dr. Drakulic is definitely working in that direction.


🏅 Dr. W. Gregory Rose – Outstanding Clinic Profile

dr gregory rose

“When you smile, we smile”.

Guided by this motto, Dr.W.Gregory Rose and his team are dedicated to helping patients get the smile they always wanted while improving facial balance and bite function. Dr. Rose specializes in complete smile make-over through the most advanced methods of aesthetic dentistry. He practices a highly individualized treatment approach towards each patient as every case is unique. 

Thanks to an outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, potential patients can learn more about his practice, and get a glimpse of the patient experience.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Dentacoin network throughout the month!