As the Covid-19 epidemic still rages on, the number of severely impacted businesses continues to grow. While the hospitality and nightlife industries always come to mind first when thinking of such cases, it is easy to forget that dental practices face similar challenges, if not even worse. After all, close contact between people dining, or having a pint at a bar pales in comparison with the direct access dental procedures have. Let’s dig into the details:

  1. Dental Appointments during an Epidemic
  2. Factors to Look for

Dental Appointments during an Epidemic 

Having this in mind it is not surprising that  fewer people are visiting their dentists in these turbulent times. This statement is backed up by the results of a survey conducted by the market research platform DentaVox on the topic of Dental Care During an Epidemic with roughly two-thirds of respondents indicating that they have skipped their dental appointments during the first COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of 2020.

dental care during epidemic dentavox

According to the same survey and not counting respondents who thankfully did not need a dental intervention during the time, the main reason for avoiding the dentist appears to be fears of contracting the ailment after a visit to the practice. And that fear may be related to how little a person knows about the hygiene measures and disinfection procedures, prior to an appointment. This is especially the case when visiting a new dentist for the first time.

dental care during epidemic dentavox

Factors to Look for

When it comes to tackling this fear in us that may lead to further issues from avoiding the dentist, a detailed examination of the hygiene of a practice is a must. In the same survey, respondents outlined the top preventive measures with cleanliness taking the top spots. Still, oftentimes this kind of information is either missing, or remains out-of-sight for most patients prior to making a visit, leaving many in the dark. 

dental care during epidemic dentavox

Fortunately for everyone, it doesn’t have to be this way, as technological advancements have allowed us to dig into the details of a practice before even considering a visit. Nowadays review websites give us plenty of insights that we can base our choices on and the dental industry is no exception. When it comes to finding a Covid-safe dental practice, hygiene is paramount and a detailed breakdown of this factor can certainly provide you with the information you need to make the decision. 

In general review platforms hygiene is often not rated separately which makes it hard to make a judgement based on only the overall star rating. On the other hand specialised dental review sites such as the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews platform provides separate ratings about hygiene as a subset of the dental office ambience, as well as a thorough examination of other crucial factors for your dental needs.


So now that you know what and where to look for, do you feel more comfortable making a choice about the location of your next dental appointment? Check out how dentists in your area are faring in this category here.