As the first Blockchain-based platform for dental reviews, Dentacoin Trusted Reviews provides valuable insights for dentists about patient’s experience while rewarding patients for their genuine feedback.

Serving as a global dental directory with unfiltered reviews from real patients, the platform is a useful tool for dentists to strengthen their online reputation and be easily found by new potential patients. 

At the same time, it functions as a patient feedback system that allows dental specialists to identify problem areas and take timely actions based on the incomparably detailed patient reviews, covering all workflow areas.

So, let’s look into how dental practices can benefit from Dentacoin Trusted Reviews in three main aspects:

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Attract More New Patients

Online reviews are an important source of information when looking for a new dentist. Moreover, research shows that 46% of patients pay more attention to verified feedback.

Unlike general business directories, here potential patients can make an informed choice of their dentist based on the opinion of real patients. Reviews marked as ‘’trusted’’ are submitted after a review invite from the dentist, thus verifying that these patients really have first-hand experience of treatment at the practice.

Additionally, thanks to a SEO-optimized profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, dentists can expand their online presence and reach more patients with higher rankings in local search. Furthermore, the star rating from the dentist profile is displayed directly in Google search results to increase the impact on potential patients and make the dentist stand out from the search results of the competition.

Beyond, the benefits of a SEO-optimized profile, dentists who use the platform actively are promoted for free to the audience of all users of Dentacoin and social media followers (more than 200,000 people up to date).

Improve Patient Loyalty and Retention

Disappointed patients will switch to another dental practice sooner or later; happy patients will keep coming back and bring even more people from their circles. That is why it is important to understand which aspects cause irritation and what makes them give a high rating for your services.

However, star ratings on their own are not really helpful in that aspect. With Dentacoin Trusted Reviews you have a ready-to-use comprehensive feedback questionnaire, which touches upon all main areas of the patient experience. Identifying the shortcomings and improving on these aspects will foster stronger patient relations. It will not only prevent patient dissatisfaction in the future but will also give a strong signal to unhappy patients that their opinion is appreciated and may win them back as regular patients.

Moreover, detailed feedback of happy patients can help you find the aspects your practice performs best at. Thus, you will be able to emphasize on those even further in order to achieve utter excitement and an increased number of recommendations.

Get more reviews and ratings

The majority of dentists do not ask their patients to give them feedback. It is also only natural that writing a review is not a priority for most patients and it may not be so easy to motivate them to contribute. Taking that into account, Dentacoin Trusted Reviews offers a few features to encourage more patients to submit reviews.

Firstly, dentists can send automated review invites to patients in bulk by email or individual invite by WhatsApp, thus inviting more people regularly. In addition, email reminders are sent automatically to increase the response rate. Secondly, the platform incentivizes patients to submit a review with rewards in Dentacoin tokens. The tokens can be used to cover dental treatment, stored as a future fund, or exchanged to any crypto or national currency. The rewards are provided regardless of the rating score or content of the review. Negative and positive reviews get equal rewards thus safeguarding the trustworthiness of the patient testimonials.

Ready to give it a try?

Dentacoin Trusted Reviews is completely free to use, without any subscription fees for dentists. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up your profile. All new dentists receive support from our Onboarding team to help them get started.

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