Key Insights For Dental Practices

According to a survey by DentaVox, online reviews are playing a key role in how patients pick a new dentist. With so many review sites and platforms out there, it’s easier than ever to find opinions and ratings from past patients. How significant is their impact for your dental practice and in what cases? 

A closer look into how patients use reviews sheds light on some of the key questions in that aspect: 

Are patients checking reviews before choosing a new dentist?

According to the results from DentaVox survey, 86% of patients looked at reviews for their last dentist before deciding to book an appointment. This finding definitively confirms the significance of online reviews for attracting new patients. Furthermore, you may be quite sure that your new patients are well aware of what past patients are saying about your practice on online platforms. 

Tip: Take time to go through online reviews. If you spot any negative feedback, pay attention to what concerns are raised, and take action to prevent them in the future. If mentioned by your new patients, you will be better prepared to address them. This will help you can turn newcomers into loyal patients.

When are patients looking at dentist reviews?

Based on the survey results, the 5 most popular cases to seek online reviews are to:

  • Look for a dental specialist in particular area (51%)
  • Choose a new dentist (51%)
  • Check for better options (24%)
  • Read opinions about a dentist they’ve heard about (23%)
  • Check on their current dentist (12%)

These findings indicate that reviews are essential when it comes to finding a new dental provider and not so decisive when patients already have first-hand impressions. However, their value in terms of existing patients should not be underestimated. Online reviews contain useful insights on what delights patients and which aspects to improve.

What is the influence of positive and negative reviews?

Positive reviews are quite powerful in driving new patient flow with 60% of people deciding to visit a dental practice after reading positive feedback. While it may be assumed that negative feedback will drive patients away, according to survey results actually it instigates further research. 

Tip: Let patients know that you appreciate and welcome their feedback. Note that it is not essential to have impeccable 5-star rating score. Previous research found that most patients consider 4 stars sufficient to trust a dentist.

Do not leave comments from unhappy patients unaddressed. It may be frustrating to reply to a bad review, especially when it feels undeserved. However, a well-formulated response can sway decision and win a disgruntled patient. If you are struggling to get started, check out this article:

How to Respond to Negative Reviews for Dental Practices

So, treat your online reputation as one of your key assets. Online reviews have a powerful impact on whether a new patient will trust you or turn to another dental specialist. A specialist review platform like Dentacoin trusted Reviews can help you harness the power of patient feedback and enjoy its long term benefits. 

Note: Statistical data in this article is based on results from Online Dentist Reviews Survey, completed by 481 respondents in the period 10/07 – 16/09/2019.