Are you left with a lot of impressions worth sharing after a recent visit to the dentist? Or maybe your dentist asked you to leave a review?

No matter the reason, writing a review is a task not to overlook. Let’s look at why you should take the trouble in the first place.

With online reviews, your voice as a patient is more powerful than ever. Recent research reveals that 86% of patients checked online reviews before choosing their last dentist*. Your feedback can help people from your community make an informed choice. Also, it can provide invaluable insight to your dentist to learn from and make improvements to their performance. However, not all reviews have the same impact, as very often they lack key information.

Here’s how to construct a genuinely useful dentist review with five essential tips:

#1: Star rating is not enough

“Umm.. I liked the overall experience. So I’ll review my dentist with 5 stars. I guess this should be enough.”

If you considered getting it down by just leaving a star rating, you should be aware that this does not provide any substantial information. In fact, glowing 5-star ratings may seem suspicious unless you mention specifics about your experience. It doesn’t matter whether you want to give a high or low rating, think of why you believe the practice deserves specifically this rating score. Is it because of treatment results, price levels, politeness of the staff? Write a short overview to give a more accurate image of your experience at the facility.

#2: Provide details

Specifics like the reason for your visit are of particular importance because they provide the context for your evaluation. Moreover, if someone is looking for a dental specialist in a particular area, it will be useful to know if your evaluation of the dental services concerns general issues like cavities and teeth whitening or more specific procedures.

Other details such as waiting times, availability and how easily you were able to communicate with the dentist also will help people make a better judgment whether this dental practice is a good match for their needs.

#3: Mention if your problem was solved

According to research, prospective dental patients who read online reviews are highly interested to learn if the patient’s problem was successfully treated at the dental practice. Are you happy or dissatisfied with the result? Include it in your review to make it more informative for readers.

#4:Be fair

Although it is quite easy to get swayed with your feelings and rate a dentist negatively just because of an impolite staff member, don’t forget that your rating will impact the whole team. Be considerate and constructive in your evaluation.

Furthermore, you can go the extra mile and give recognition for staff members who left a positive impression with their exceptional work and attitude. For instance, think of a time when you were in extreme discomfort, and a staff member consoled you, or a receptionist found a more convenient appointment slot despite a busy schedule.

Bonus tip

One of the best ways of leaving an impactful review is by making a short video testimonial. A 30 seconds video can go a long way. It will add authority and will ensure that the provided ratting is authentic. Some clinics record patient testimonials on-site but it is also an option just to say a few words about your experience and record it with your mobile.

#5: Submit the review on a reliable review platform

Some dental practices specify preferred platforms when asking patients for a review. However, if that is not the case, you can select a specialized review website where feedback by real patients is verified, a very important aspect according to review readers. For instance, on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews reviews by patients submitted after an invitation from their dentist, are clearly marked as ‘Trusted Review’ to help others make a well-informed judgment.

Ready to write your own review?

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