In the month of July, we welcomed as Dentacoin partner Vadodara’s Desai Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. With the ambition to keep patients with healthy smiles, the practice is run by Dr. Kinnar Desai. He is a dental surgeon with more than 10 years of experience and a desire to make dental services accessible to all people. That surely is not an easy task, but Dr. Desai is successful in achieving his mission by combining hard work with smart digital tools. This is why we honored him with Top Dentist of the Month!


With great devotion to his dental duties, Dr. Desai makes sure to provide treatments for those in need. He is sure to achieve this by offering free at-home dental services to disabled and aged people. As a matter of course he easily embraced Dentacoin’s mission, as it vastly resonates with his own beliefs to make healthcare easily available for community members. 

Desai Dental Clinic & Implant Centre is now using DCN tools for over a month. It did not take long for Dr. Desai to spot the positive outcomes, not only for the practice but also for his patients. He commented:

“It’s plain and simple: Patients give their “trusted reviews” about their experience in the dental office. For which both the patient and the dentist get rewards in the form of Dentacoin tokens. Later on, patients can use this digital money to pay for their dental treatments.”

Dr. Kinnar Desai

Recognizing the changing environment of healthcare is not something new for Dr. Desai. Inspired by the desire for smart advancements, he is now creating an outstanding experience for the patients of Desai Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, by using Dentacoin tools. Citizens of Vadodara and the local areas can now complete DCN payments, earn crypto tokens, and engage in preventative healthcare practices. With all this in hand, we can only congratulate the clinic for its latest achievements and wish them to continue creating a positive impact in the community!