Park Family Dental Care joined Dentacoin Partner Network just a little bit more than a month ago, but they are already among the Top Dentists of the Month for June.

The practice is run by Dr. Avinash Kumar and Dr. Rahshree Mishra. They have specifically designed the clinic for children, in a fun, colorful, and cartoon-style environment, as their intention is to create a positive dental experience from an early age.

Established not too long ago, in 2019 in Muzaffarpur, India, the clinic is already building a successful reputation in the local community. Park Family Dental Care is actively inviting patients to leave feedback on their Trusted Reviews page. And patients are happy to share their experiences as you can see.


“They are highly professional. They will give you time to explain everything, which is very rare these days. They are very skilled!” commented patient Ankit Adarsh.


Dr. Kumar believes that healthcare practitioners should keep up with the latest technologies and apply them as much as possible. Furthermore, those modern practices should be introduced to patients as well. Park Family is educating people about Dentacoin tokens, and how they can be earned by following healthy dental practices. As a clinic devoted to children, it is no surprise that they also love the game Jaws of Battle.


“I really love the kids mobile game Jaws of Battle developed by Dentacoin! It’s entertaining and educational at the same time. I can’t wait to introduce it to our young patients and use it to calm them down before and after treatments! I’m sure they’re gonna enjoy themselves a lot – learning how to protect their gamified teeth from different threats and “attacking” the opponent’s jaws!”

Shared Dr. Rajshree Mishra


Highly skilled and motivated for development, Park Family Dental Care is on the road to success. We are happy to have them as partners and can’t wait to hear more about their future growth.