One of the latest Dentacoin partners, Dr. Ilir Hoti was awarded the Top Dentist of the Month recognition for April. An avid supporter of crypto payments, Dr. Hoti was eager to introduce Dentacoin to the there locations of his dental clinics, Hollywood Smile in Albania (2 locations) and Kosovo (1 location). Before implementing Dentacoin, Dr. Hoti has already tried his hand in crypto payments, being familiar with tokens on other blockchains such as Binance chain. However, it was not only the interest in crypto payments which brought him to Dentacoin.

“It’s far more than just a digital dental currency. Dentacoin is used to reward our patients for taking dental health surveys, submitting reviews to us, as well as improving their at-home oral hygiene.

Our practice benefits from implementing Dentacoin’s unique patient loyalty program in multiple ways – we receive additional payments, we are promoted among 200K+ patients around the world free of charge, we educate patients about digital currencies, and in general – with Dentacoin, we keep in step with the times!” commented Dr. Ilir Hoti about the unique value of Dentacoin.

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