The first summer month is behind us and it’s time to congratulate the Top Dentists for June 2021:

🏅 Dental Planet  – Pioneering Partner Clinics Chain

Led by Dr. Reddy, Dental Planet has been part of Dentacoin Partner Network since 2018. The dental chain has grown to 9 locations in Hyderabad, India. As one of the early partners, Dr. Reddy, the clinics’ founder, has been following closely the development of Dentacoin platforms and the upgrades to clinic profiles on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. In Dental Planet clinics, it has been always the norm to use advanced equipment and treatment methods so it implementing the innovative toolset of Dentacoin has been a natural step.


June Dentist of the month square

🏅 Park Family Dental Care  – New Partner Clinic

Joining Dentacoin partner network a few weeks ago, Park Family Dental Care is already boosting their online presence with verified reviews by patients. Led by Dr. Avinash Kumar and Dr. Rajshree Mishra the clinic is designed with colorful, cartoon-style environment, especially for children. With the small patients in mind, Dr. Kumar and Dr. Mishra are eager to introduce them to Dentacare Jaws of Battle, and help them learn about oral health in a fun way.


Park Family Dental Care


🏅A2 Dental Clinic – Outstanding Profile

“If You are looking for a different approach when visiting dental clinic abroad A2 Dental Clinic is the right choice for You”, is the motto of A2 Dental Clinic. What makes it different? Personalized patient care with a focus on quality, privacy and exclusive treatment. Find out more from their outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews:


June Dentist of the month square


Have a productive month ahead and stay tuned for more updates and new developments!