2020 was a year of turmoil and unforeseen circumstances for sure, but this certainly did not mean that the wheels stopped turning. We know you have been preoccupied catering to the latest set of restrictions and rules when it came to the COVID-19 epidemic, so we drafted this quick-reference guide for you containing all the latest marketing buzz we accumulated throughout the year. Here is what is waiting for you inside:

  1. Dental Marketing Myths
  2. Top Marketing Advice from 2020
  3. Latest Stats You Must Know



Dental Marketing Myths

This year we took a closer look at some of the most common dental marketing myths, as we dug into them for some good old-fashioned busting. For example, it is often-times that dentists forgo marketing efforts, thinking they are an established professional and that speaks for itself. While this can be true to certain extent, it is important not to take your patients for granted and ensure a healthy new patient inflow through your marketing initiatives.

Speaking about being an established professional, the same applies to the display of bloody pictures, following complicated procedures. Even if you think these show your expertise, they can also trigger the dreaded dental anxiety in potential patients and have the opposite effect.

Lastly, we reaffirmed  that online reputation is definitely in control of dentists, as the right actions can entice patients into sharing positive reviews, thus improving your status in the digital space. Keep an eye on patient satisfaction and make sure your patients leave your practice with not only a Hollywood smile, but one that entails their experience, as well.



Top Marketing Advice from 2020

When it came to examining the top insights from 2020, three key categories were in the focus of attention Patient Retention, DIY Marketing and Online Reviews.

In terms of  patient retention,  it is important to look into the patient experience, as much as possible. From listening to feedback, through nurturing patient loyalty, all the way to providing aftercare recommendations, these factors all play a significant part in the outcome for the patient. And the best thing about it? They all cost zero, just a bit of time dedicated to your patients needs. 

In our DIY Marketing category we tried to avoid played out topics that you hear in every other content piece and focused on zero-budget tactics instead. Sharing more about oral health, based on your expertise is a sure-fire way to generate buzz around your posts and listing your practice in specialised directories will certainly increase your reach.

Last, but certainly not least we presented key insights about the impact of patient feedback in the Online Reviews category. There you will find information on how to best display reviews in social media, as well as how to embed them on your pages and website.

Learn how to apply this timeless advice, by unlocking access to the detailed breakdown we have compiled for you in our 2020 Marketing Insights Report:



Latest Stats You Must Know

Which trends in dental marketing should you pay attention to? Take a look at the  list of critical stats we compiled and improve your practice based on tangible evidence. There were six categories that made it to our list How Patients Choose a New Dentist, The Impact of Online Reviews, Dentist Website Usage, Dentist Social Media Presence, Patient Loyalty and Dentist-Patient Relations.

The first category provides an insight into the importance of recommendations, the next illustrates how critical reviews can be for a practice, while the third lists the top means for patients to find your practice online. Number four sheds light on the vital role social media plays for patient choice, the fifth clarifies what are the best methods for fostering loyalty in patients, while the last the sixth is focused on dentist-patient  communication and how dentists can use it to deliver better experiences to their patients.

So now that we have walked you through the top highlights of what you can find in our 2020 Marketing Insights Report, it is time for you to dig into the details yourself. Dont allow yourself to slack off in the difficult times of the Coronavirus crisis, take the lead in supercharging your practice for the year to come! Download now: