We are thrilled to announce that one of the first dental clinics to implement Dentacoin – Dentaprime F3T – has made it to our prestigious ranking Top Dentists of January 2021

Milly Westlotorn, Treatment Coordinator at the London-based practice, sent us this video to express their gratitude for receiving the important recognition: 


About Dentaprime F3T

As a recent DentaVox survey showed, tooth loss affects people on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum more severely than those with higher incomes. This is exactly the injustice Dentaprime F3T focuses on. 

Located in Stratford, the Olympic heart of London, Dentaprime F3T dental clinic provides first-class dental implant treatment at prices up to 70% lower than the average in the UK. Their mission is to make implant-supported dentures affordable to everyone, regardless of social status. This is achieved by narrow specialization on treatments of toothless patients, and complete digitization of the entire workflow. From diagnostics and treatment planning, through the fabrication of tooth replacements, to the communication with patients, the team relies on top-notch digital technologies to cut costs, reduce time, and minimize human errors.  

dentaprime ft london digital tech

Source: Company archive | © Dentaprime F3T

Quite naturally, this inclination towards digital technologies brought them to become one of the first dental offices in the world to adopt Dentacoin tools and currency. 


A Dentacoin Success Story 

Since 2017, Dentaprime F3T has been using DCN rewards to motivate their patients to give honest, detailed feedback about their experience with the practice. Afterward, they are able to cover part of their treatment costs with DCN which adds up to savings. Additionally, it helps the staff to thoroughly observe all impressions of patients and use those to improve their service even further. 

dentaprime ft london patient

Source: Facebook | © Dentaprime F3T

Mr. Veselin Matov, Practice Manager of Dentaprime F3T, shared more about their initial exciting experience with Dentacoin rewards implemented in their internal feedback system: 

“Significant changes in the communication behavior of the patients are evident. Thanks to Dentacoin, patients now have both the tribune to speak out and the motivation to do so”.

dr elena tuma

Dr. Elena Tuma (on the photo | © Dentaprime F3T), Principal Dentist at the London-based practice, has also been a devoted advisor during the initial Dentacoin development bringing the dentist’s view in the concept.

Three years after the initial experience, Dentaprime F3T continues to be among the most progressive partner clinics in terms of their advancement with Dentacoin and of the benefits realized from using it in their practice. This is exactly what earned them the spot in the ranking Top Dentists of January 2021. 

We are excited to continue collaborating with forward-thinking dental professionals. Thank you, Dentaprime F3T – keep making a change in the dental world! 


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