Founder of Dental Planet chain, Dr. Reddy introduced Dentacoin to the 6 locations of his dental chain back in 2018. Focused on promoting better oral health habits to his patients, he was eager to introduce them to Dentacare mobile app. He was intrigued by the idea that patients can earn DCN for taking better care of their teeth and later on use the tokens to cover their treatment:

“Dentacare app helps patients establish good dental hygiene and trains them to maintain it. The opportunity to gain Dentacoin throughout the process and have their treatment reimbursed afterwards is just great and beneficial for both sides!” – Dr. Reddy, Dental Planet.

Recently, taking advantage of the new multi-branch feature of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, all Dental Planet locations were featured with a dedicated profile page on the review platform. The clinics are well-equipped with modern amenities to handle all kind of dental treatments and take the best care of their growing patient base. In addition, there is also a full-service laboratory to ensure that patients get top-quality restorations.



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