Patient testimonials are one of the most powerful component of every dental website. When looking for a new dentist, prospective patients simply want to make sure that they are making the right choice. And what can be more persuasive than the words of current patients. Even more, when readers can be certain that what they are reading genuine reviews by real patients.

With the new Trusted Reviews’ widgets, dentists can display verified reviews on their website in more layout options than before: on a slider, in listed format or by a star rating badge.  The three designs give more flexibility how to showcase patient reviews, depending on where they will be placed on the website. Also, dentists can choose the best match according to the overall web page design.

Widget layout options:

Patient testimonials are displayed on a slider with emphasis on one or three reviews depending on what format is selected. This is an eye-catching way to showcase feedback from happy patients on a home page or promo landing page. 

It shows multiple reviews in a list format and is best-suited for a dedicated testimonials page. 

A discreet way to display the overall star rating. It has versatile usage for various sections of the web page. 


How to showcase Trusted reviews on your dental website?

Step One

Log in to your dentist account and click “Add to website” button on your profile page. 

“Add to website” button on your profile page

Browse through the widget previews to get an idea of how reviews will look on your website and choose one of the options.

You can customize how many reviews per slide will be displayed on desktop: one review per slide or three reviews per slide.

Widget Carousel Layout

Note: On mobile devices, it always shows one review per slide for better user experience.

List Layout

You can vary the dimensions of the reviews widget size or leave them by default.

Widget List Layout

Rating Score Badge

It comes in 2 design options – macro and mini badge. Select the one that better corresponds to the overall design of your website.

Widget Rating Score Badge

Make your choice of layout and click next to proceed.

Step Two

Start with setting the type of reviews to add – only trusted, all reviews, or manually select the ones you would like to showcase. Then, determine the number of reviews to include – the most 5, 15 or all patient feedback. 

You will not go through this step for the ratings score badge.

Widget choose which reviews to show


Generate Code

You can implement the simple widget on WordPress websites without any coding skills required. Just follow the steps and place the code on your website.

The flexible widget is suitable for any web page. Copy the code and send it to your website developer.

Congrats! Now prospective patients can read verified reviews on your website. 

Ready to give it a try?