Let’s say goodbye to a month full of exciting new updates and welcome the winners of Top Dentists of the Month for November:

🏅 Lif Dental – DCN Pioneering Clinic

Dr Lif Dental Eggert

Driven by a patient-focused approach and a vision to make dentistry affordable through more flexible payment options, Lif Dental became the first dental chain in the United States to accept Dentacoin as a means of payment.

Mr. Mark Lorich, Software Engineering Manager at Lif Dental, explained the rationale behind joining Dentacoin partners network back in 2018:

“What drew us to Dentacoin was how easily it includes the patient. Most cryptocurrencies require a steep barrier of entry to generate, but Dentacoin uses intuitive systems for patients to get involved immediately. We believe dental begins and ends with the patient network…”

Lif Dental chain provides a range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services at three locations in Buffalo, Western New York area. Easy dental experience and quality dental care are the core principles that guide their team.

🏅 Dr. Adrian Beqa, ParaDent – Progressive Partner Dentist

ParaDent Clinic

Dr. Beqa came across Dentacoin concept during IDS Cologne (Internation Dental Show) in March 2019. Straightaway, he was fascinated by the opportunity to expand payment options through Dentacoin cryptocurrency. Moreover, he recognized the potential for new ways to foster patient relationships. A couple of months later, ParaDent, the family-owned dental practice of Dr. Hasan and Adrian Beqa, joined Dentacoin network as the first partner clinic in Kosovo.

With traditions in dentistry since 1975, ParaDent sets a prime example that welcoming innovation is the way to continued success in changing times.

🏅 Odonto Tachira Plus – Country’s Top-rated Clinic

Odontotachira Plus Clinic

Odonto Tachira Plus caters for the local community of  San Cristobal, the capital of  Tachira region.  Thanks to excellent patient care, attentive dental specialists, and a friendly reception team,  the dental clinic is the best-rated in Venezuela.

Enjoy the festive month ahead and stay tuned for exciting holiday updates throughout December!