As we bid goodbay to a busy month of preparation for new partnerships and enhancements of Dentacoin websites and apps, it is time to congratulate the Top Dentists of the Month for October:

🏅 Vertex Dental Clinic -New Partner Dental Chain

Part of one of the most esteemed healthcare chains in Thailand, Vertex Dental Clinic is well-known for realizing the dream makeover for contestants of the famous TV show Let me in Thailand.

Recently, Vertex became the latest dental chain to join Dentacoin partner network. Upon launch of the partnership, Dr. Vachiramon, founder of Vertex Dental Clinics, shared:

“Dentacoin’s approach will require different patient relations and payment models with a stimulus for dentists to not only treat but also prevent dental disease. The goal is to shift its focus towards prevention while also making unavoidable dental treatments affordable to the masses. And it all starts with significant changes in the roles of both patients and dentists.”



🏅 Dr. Virmani’s Dental Centre – New Partner Clinic

Founded in 1978, Dr. Virmani’s Dental Center has served patients in New Delhi over the past 40 years by providing quality dental treatments following the latest technology in the field.

As a board member of prestigious dental associations and winner of the Best All India IDS State Secretary’s award, Dr. Yogesh Virmani is always at the forefront of advancements in the dental field. Joining Dentacoin partner network is another step forward to highlight prophylaxis care, which has long been a part of Dr. Virmani’s approach.



🏅Dental Clinic and Laboratory Venus – Outstanding Profile

Led by Dr. Amelia Valentina Nandkumar, Dental Clinic and Laboratory Venus offers the full set of dental treatments and restorations to patients in the picturesque region of Berbice in Guyana.

Listed on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews since October, the dental clinic has a dedicated profile where potential patient can learn more about the practice prior to their visit. Find out more:




Enjoy the month ahead and stay tuned for our Annual Top Dentists Awards. The voting is starting on December, 05th!