Considering how much influence social media has over our lives, many are left thinking online directories are a thing of the past. But as we fight with the algorithms to keep our businesses on top of people’s timelines we tend to forget that we can boost our discoverability exactly with the help of such “relics.” Let’s examine what role online directories play in helping you reach more people with your online presence:

  1. Dentists Near Me
  2. Going Up in Local SEO
  3. Top 5 Most Authoritative Directories


Dentists Near Me

As social media established itself as a great way to reach new patients, searches were also steadily growing. This is especially true since 2016, when improvements and increasing business presence on Google Maps, made it easier for people to find services they need in their immediate vicinity. Nowadays these types of searches take the pole position, with nearly 60% of all queries being done on mobile devices and a third being location-based. That is why it is unsurprising to see that search queries, like “dentists near me” have grown exponentially, as seen in this Google Trends chart:

Naturally, this raises the question of how dentists can take advantage of this and the answer lies in the so-called local SEO. In layman’s terms, local SEO is what helps your dental practice appear at better positions during Google local or Maps searches, which is primarily influenced by the Relevance, Distance, and Prominence factors. 


Going Up in Local SEO

While distance is seldom something you can influence with just a few clicks, the other two are different. And the best way to affect these factors? You guessed it – online business directories! Such directories provide valuable SEO improvements, in terms of authoritative websites linking to your business. By doing so your site will generate a higher authority rating with search engines, earning you higher positions in local searches. 

Not all business directories are made equal though, as the higher the domain ranking of the directory, the bigger the boost your local SEO will receive. That is why it is important not only to be listed everywhere, which can prove to be quite time consuming, but to prioritise listing on the most authoritative ones first. To help you navigate, even if you are not well versed in the technical aspects of this, we have drafted a list of the top 5 most authoritative directories for you to peruse:


Top 5 Most Authoritative Directories

Dental Directory

Domain Authority*

Domain URL

ADA – American Dental Association


Dentacoin Trusted Reviews


Every Dentist


Smile Guide


Super Dentists 33

*Domain Authority measured using Moz Domain Analysis

Still, not all of these might be relevant to your current locale. For example ADA, while being by far the most authoritative of them all is unfortunately reserved for US-based dental practices. There is a silver lining though, as there are international ones, such as the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews Platform. 

When it comes to the platform itself, Trusted Reviews is not only an authoritative directory but also a great way to reach local patients, as well. One of its key features is that it automatically recommends to the patient a list of dentists based on their location. Combining verified patient reviews with the discoverability a business directory provides, Trusted Reviews’ popularity with patients is highlighted in the survey results from the DentaVox market research platform. In total over 90% of respondents labeled it as a preference for the perfect dentist website, with second and third place earning no more than 25% of the total:

the perfect dentist website dentavox


Now that you’ve learned how to take advantage of the power online directories can offer in helping you reach more patients with your practice, are you ready to take the next step? Find out how well your dental office fares currently with this free evaluation tool: