Attracting new patients to your clinic is never an easy task, however, the more important, and also more efficient way to run a successful practice is to retain your existing ones. So, how to ensure that patients will come back to you? 

In the expanding digital era these days, the internet is overflowing with information about everything. Under such conditions, it’s good to keep your patients loyal since there are already so many options to choose from. Leaving a good impression and building trust may not be easy but we have gathered some tips and tricks to guide you in the right direction of patient retention.

1. Show your authentic personal side

These days everybody has a website or at least a Facebook page. However, how many people are managing these digital assets in an engaging way? Of course, it comes naturally to share with your patients about successful treatments, but, humans are emotional creatures. Tell them what your mission as a dentist is. Therein lies the key of what is different about you.

The more authentic you are with patients, the more attached they will be towards you. By sharing some interesting or fun facts about your persona you will make yourself more approachable, as well as more likable. Which will ultimately build more trust in your patient for the long run. Here is a good example of an introduction of a new dentists team member by our partners’ clinic Dental on Flinders.

Dental flinders


2. Give a discount to loyal patients

People love to feel appreciated. And, in a patient-doctor relationship, giving some kind of a discount, freebie or coupon is a good way to show appreciation. In a recent DentaVox poll amongst 100 people, 79% of respondents say that discounts to loyal patients indicate a better service of the dental practice. 

Providing some kind of a free or discounted service will ultimately change the lens through which patients view your practice. Show them that you do not only care to do your job. Rather, you are invested in building a deeper relationship and you are concerned about their well-being. Making one feel valued will most surely make them come back to you.




3. Upgrade the design of your waiting room

It is a well-known fact that no one likes to sit and wait, but it’s easier to overlook this issue when you are behind closed doors. Get insights from the experience of waiting in your own sitting room for at least half an hour to get a better idea of your patient’s overall experience. That will put you in an alternative position which will eventually make you more emphatic.

Furthermore, while sitting in your own waiting room, you can gather ideas on how to elevate the atmosphere of the space. Your old magazines may need to be replaced with some new and interesting games or activities. Ask yourself what your patients desire and in what kind of environment will they feel good? Our partner specializing in pediatric treatments Park Family Dental has created a fun and cartoon-like waiting room for their little patients. That surely creates a good experience which makes you want to go back to the same clinic.


park family


4. Always ask for a feedback

Asking for feedback is a crucial part of the process of keeping your patients satisfied and coming back to you. Getting insights about patients’ experiences will ultimately show you how to run your practice in a more effective way. For example, reading bad reviews will pinpoint what to do better next time. And of course, do not forget to take things professionally and respond to people’s reviews no matter if they are positive or negative.

Keeping up with reviews will assure you that you will not make the same mistake twice. And that will ultimately benefit you in the process of patient retention.



You may involve your patients as you invite them to write a Trusted Review on your Dentacoin page. That way not only will their voice be heard, but they will also gain an incentive in the form of DCN currency, that they can later use for treatments and dental check-ups. Could it get any better than this?

5. Keep your patients interested with engaging content

59.5 % of the global population is on the internet. Probably most of your patients also are. There is a lot of content online so it may not be so easy to catch and keep the attention of patients. But, it can be truly beneficial for fostering your relationship with them. 

Keep your patients updated with fun and interesting facts, curated content, and educational posts. For example,  here is an informative video teaching people how to take care of their sensitive teeth, posted by Oramax, Dentacoin partner clinic.


If you don’t have the time to prepare content yourself, you can find a lot of ready-made things to re-post from market research platform DentaVox, national associations (e.g. ADA), etc.. 

There are many aspects to keep a successful practice going. What is more, is that one thing may work for some, and not for others. But to get started, it is important to say that it is good to highlight your strengths and work towards the engagement of your patients. In the next part, we will continue exploring good practices for patient retention so stay tuned.