One of the early Dentacoin partners, Dr. Howard Koch was recently awarded the recognition Top Dentist for March. Dr. Howard Koch began his journey with Dentacoin back in January 2018. Recognizing the potential of Dentacoin to become a mainstream dental currency, Dr. Howard Koch was inspired by the concept of Dentacoin: to bring in together dentists, patients, suppliers in a global community.

PXL“Thank you very much for this honour it is much appreciated. I really hope that Dentacoin can help patients in achieving good dental health”, shared Dr. Koch upon receiving the Top Dentist award.

The patients of Dr. Koch have relied on his expertise and the highest quality service of his team over the past 30 years. And, even during the COVID pandemic, Dr. Koch continues to follow his mission to provide exceptional dental care to the local community. His practice was open from the first UK lockdown and has even accepted many patients without charge to support the community in these difficult times.

“We are a private clinic (not NHS) but we all wanted to do our bit for public health. Since June 2020 we have been fully open”, shared Dr. Koch.

Additional measures such as powerful air purification units have been put in place to minimize the risk while safely reducing the waiting (so-called fallow) time in-between procedures. The new challenges and strict measures, the team of Dr. Koch’s clinic continues

“It has been very hard work especially with the added PPE but all my team have been fantastic. We are looking forward to some form of normality a great Christmas party this year!” further commented Dr. Koch

We wish them all the best and look forward to more updates soon!