As the leaves started turning brown and we welcomed the autumn (at least at the Northern hemisphere), September turned out to be a busy month for Dentacoin dentists. Our pioneering partners kept on advancing with the application of Dentacoin concept, new dentists joined Dentacoin partner network and more practices made a start with Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. 

In the spirit of our tradition to give special recognition to progressive dental practices, we are excited to say ‘Congratulations’ to the Top Dentists of the Month for September:

🏅 Dr. Kevin Mirasol  – New Dentacoin Partner

Dr Kevin Mirasol

A vigorous “dentistpreneur”, keen dental marketing consultant and a dental practitioner, devoted to providing “Healthy teeth within reach” to the local community of Caluya. It is not an easy task to describe Dr. Kevin Mirasol in a few words! We were happy to welcome him to the network of Dentacoin partner dentists last month and in fact he is not a novice to the concept. Dr. Mirasol is one of the early supporters of Dentacoin project and has been closely following its development. A man of many talents and activities, Dr. Mirasol is also the founder of the first unofficial Facebook group for Dentacoin supporters.

🏅 Confidental Clinic – Outstanding Clinic Profile

Confidental Clinic

 “The world looks brighter from behind a smile. We provide you with the best one ever!” 

The motto of Confidental Clinic is translated into their daily work as they strive to help every patient enjoy a confident smile. 

Confidental Clinic started off with Dentacoin Trusted Reviews in the middle of the month. Thanks to an excellent profile on the platform, it is easy for both local and foreign patients to get a glimpse of the Cairo-based dental clinic and to find out more about the dental services and expertise provided.

🏅 CoolDent – Progressive New Partner

Cooldent Clinicas Odontologicas

A year ago, CoolDent became the first Argentinian dental practice to join Dentacoin partner network. Housed in a picturesque building in Belgrano neighborhood, Buenos Aires, the clinic carries the relaxing atmosphere of a ‘dental spa’. Specialized in implants, orthodontics and dental aesthetics, the mission of CoolDent team is to help patients show off a perfect cool smile.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news from Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and enjoy the month ahead!