With the turn of the new month, it is time to welcome the Top Dentists of the Month for September:

🏅 Denta-joy Dental Clinic – New Partner Clinic 

Denta-joy recently became the newest Dentacoin partner in Southeast Asia with the implementation of Dentacoin payments and tools in their chain of 11 branches in Thailand and 1 in Cambodia. Apart from its position as one of the biggest orthodontic chains in the region, Denta-joy is a pioneer Invisalign provider in Thailand and the #1 Invisalign Provider in Southeast Asia with the biggest number of treatment cases.

Dedicated to exceptional patient care through cutting-edge technology,  it was a natural step for Denta-joy to utilizate blockhain technology for the enjancement of patient experience and emphasis prevention.


🏅 Vaishali Dental Care – Pioneering Partner Clinic

Vaishali Dental Care joined Dentacoin partner network back in 2018 thus enabling patients in Jabalpur city to take advantage of an innovative payment option and the full set of DCN tools. Innovation has been an integral part of Vaishali Dental Care  since it was established by Dr. Piyush Jain, a progressive award-winning dentist who set out to revolutionize the healthcare situation in India.

Dr. Jain shared his excitement about being among the pioneering partner clinics in the region:

“Each dental practitioner aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs, acquire new patients and achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. Hence we decided to become the first Dental Centre in Central India to implement this new concept. We feel Dentacoin has a bright future,” shared Dr. Piyush Jain, Founder of Vaishali Dental Care.



🏅 Dr. Farid Zeynalov – Outstanding Clinic Profile

At Dr. Farid Zeynalov‘s state-of-the-art clinic technology and application of the best practices in the dental sector are combined to provide top quality services and the full set of dental treatments. Throughout the 18 years of practical experience, Dr. Farid Zeynalov has been dedicated to continuous enhancement of his expertise through participation in various training programs by leading organizations and educational institutions such as the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the American Dental Association.

Find out more about the Dr. Zeylanov from his outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews:



Enjoy the month ahead and stay tuned for more valuable tips and exciting updates throughout October!