Meet Dr. Saif Siddiqui, a recent winner of the Top Dentist of the Month award! Having joined Dentacoin partners network just a couple of months ago, Dr. Siddiqui is already among the most progressive dentists in our network. With the patient’s benefit always at heart, he has dedicated the past weeks to implementing the full toolset of Dentacoin at his dental clinic, Advanced Dentalcare


Educating patients with Dentacoin

Since the establishment of his clinic, it has been Dr. Siddiqui’s mission to make dental care more accessible and affordable for the local community. Introducing Dentacoin is another step in the same direction.

Despite his busy schedule, in the first months of the partnership with Dentacoin, Dr. Siddiqui has been explaining to patients personally about Dentacoin. Showing them the full process from improving their oral health with DCN apps through getting rewarded in the meantime, to using the option to cover their treatment with the rewards. Furthermore, learning about Dentacoin through the banners placed throughout his clinic, patients have been curious to learn more about this exciting digital money.



His patients, eager to share about their positive experience and excellent treatment results have already taken advantage of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews.

Going beyond: introducing Dentacoin to colleagues

Seeing the positive results of DCN implementation in his practice, Dr. Siddiqui is happy to share his experience with colleagues from other dental clinics. He strongly believes in the key role of the dentist’s community in the adoption of innovative practices. Dr. Siddiqui’s efforts have already brought positive results with several partnerships from his network in the pipeline. In fact, the first one will be annouced next week so stay tuned to learn more.

With such a strong start of our cooperation, we can’t wait to continue further our journey together!