April has been one of the months with a record amount of new partners. So now, more than ever we need to appreciate those professionals who have been exceptionally progressive in their Dentacoin adoption. 

We are happy to share with you who are the trendsetters this Spring and how are they changing the local dental scene thanks to DCN implementation.


🏆 Progressive Partner – Dr. Nas Cole of Perfect Smile Dental Clinic, Nigeria 

🏆 New Partner – The Dental Face and Jaw Surgery, Pakistan

🏆 Outstanding profile – Dr. Farheen Moud, Pakistan


🏆 Progressive Partner – Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

Dr. Nas Cole, the owner of Perfect Smile Dental Clinic, joined just recently but he is already one of the most active Dentacoin Ambassadors. The young dentist saw the usage of DCN rewards as a great benefit for patients, so he quickly started spreading the word about the new blockchain technology.

Dr. Cole not only has been actively sharing Dentacoin materials on his social media profiles, but he has also referred a bunch of new partners such as Dr. Andrew Omwansi and Dr. Agwa Stephen from Nigeria. Without a doubt, we shall be hearing much more about Dr. Cole’s practice.




🏆 New Partner – The Dental Face and Jaw Surgery


With more than 20 years of professional experience, Prof. Dr. Sartaj Khan is known as one of the best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Peshawar. So it comes as no wonder that he is Trusted Review’s most visited new profile in the month of April.

Meeting patients’ expectations has always been of top priority for Dr. Khan, so Dentacoin implementation was the right solution when it comes to enhanced satisfaction. Giving people the chance to earn rewards, as well as to pay for treatments with these rewards will surely lead to lots of good feedback on his Trusted Review page.





🏆 Outstanding Profile – Dr. Farheen Moud


Dr. Farheen Moud holds a very special place in our Top Dentists list. She is the second most-visited profile of a new partner on Trusted Reviews platform. Not only that but she already started receiving verified reviews on the platform and actively using Dentacoin tools. 


What is most impressive about Dr. Modut though is that she is the first-ever female dentists partner to join from Pakistan. Her forward-thinking nature leads her to be the revolutionary road and we are sure that she will be a big inspiration to many in the dentistry field, as well as in other aspects of life. 




We are excited to witness the development for each of our partners. And let’s see what the future month will bring us.