As Spring is approaching some people are celebrating the return of good weather. Dentacoin is celebrating the Top Dentists of March! We are happy to share with you who are the most outstanding specialists this month. 


🏆 Progressive Partner – Dr. Ravi Kumar, India 

🏆 New Partner – Dr. Talha Ashar, Pakistan

🏆 Outstanding profile – Joy Dental Bantul – Selatan UMY, Indonesia


🏆 Progressive Partner – Dr. Ravi Kumar


Dr. Ravi Kumar is one of those dentists who influence others for change and improvements in the dental field. He joined as a partner in September 2021 and spent the last couple of months encouraging fellow dental professionals to also take advantage of the revolutionary Dentacoin tools. Most recently he referred Dentacoin to Lucknow’s top specialty Kosmic Dental Clinic.


At Universal Dental Clinic, Dr. Kumar and his team are known for always using the latest technologies when it comes to patient treatment. But the most important part of any dental service is the communication with the patient, shares Dr. Kumar. That is why he is so satisfied with the recent Dentacoin adoption as it enhances the positive experience of people no matter their socio background or financial situation.




🏆 New Partner – Dr. Talha Ashar


Dr. Talha Ashar is a forward-thinking young specialist who just joined Dentacoin Partner Network. He has already received a lot of positive feedback from patients on the Trusted Reviews platform. It seems like people are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to monetize their opinion, and it is no wonder having in mind the booming trend of cryptocurrencies usage in Pakistan. 


Dr. Ashar’s desire to stay up to date with the most recent improvements in dentistry made him pursue exposure online. With his presence online thanks to Dentacoin, he is sure that he can attract more patients. Dr. Ashar is a firm believer that in order to stand out in the local scene, a dentist must do what has not been done yet. We are proud to have him adopt Dentacoin tools into his progressive practice, and he cannot wait to hear more from Dr. Ashar and his future achievements!


March Dentist of the month square


🏆 Outstanding Profile – Joy Dental Bantul 


Joy Dental Bantul is one of the key players in Indonesia’s dental tourism industry. With modern and cutting-edge technologies in hand, it is no wonder that their Trusted Reviews web page keeps on blooming with positive reviews. 


Joy Dental Bantul was founded in 2004 by Dr. Yenny Maria Sp. Ort, who had the dream to change the lives of people for good. But as technology keeps on advancing, patients’ needs and desires also change. We are sure that many more satisfied patients will be leaving reviews and taking advantage of the possibility to earn Dentacoin crypto tokens. 




We are excited to witness the development for each of our partners. And let’s see what the future month will bring us.