The Dentacoin Foundation strongly believes that the exceptional dedication to the dental profession, as well as the consistent innovation in dentistry should be rewarded. Hence, it’s our greatest honor to present to you this month’s top dentists who are taking the extra steps!


Progressive Parner Clinic:
Deep Dental Clinic & OPG Centre (India)

Right after joining our Partner Network, Dr. Gursharandeep Singh, Deep Dental Clinic’s principal dentist, has undertaken an active campaign to raise awareness about Dentacoin among his patients. In an upcoming charitable initiative, Dr. Singh will use Dentacoin: Jaws of Battle to teach Indian pupils about good oral care.

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We are eagerly awaiting the imminent integration of DCN in his Deep Dental App. Serving the community since 1989, Dr. Singh’s practice is the first dental clinic in India with its own dental app! The software application is used for online payments and also allows patients to schedule appointments, contact the dentist in emergency cases, make one-touch referrals, share their dental experience on social media, and many other useful activities.

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“Today, there is no better platform and no replacement for Dentacoin in terms of its effectiveness and added value in everyone’s life. It’s an innovation for the trio – Dentist, Patients & Healthcare Industry, and I am looking forward to its future development!“

Dr. Gursharandeep Singh





New Partner:
Dr. Viridiana Kyle, Sonrise Odontología Estética Integral (Mexico)

The sunny Dr. Viridiana Kyle, principal dentist of Sonrise Odontología Estetica Integral, heard about Dentacoin back in 2020. One year later, Dr. Kyle joined our Partner Network after a careful consideration of all advantages Dentacoin would bring to her patients. She couldn’t have decided otherwise, given that Latin America is among the crypto-friendliest world regions and this alternative payment method will soon become customary.

As Dr. Kyle shared, a lot of her patients were already using cryptocurrencies and providing them with an easier access to such payments was more than natural. Backed by all other software solutions developed by Dentacoin, she is confident that raising patients’ awareness and engagement in preventive dental care will be much easier.

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“I believe that the partnership with Dentacoin will be very successful for my dental practice!
With Dentacoin’s help,
I hope to be among the first dentists to introduce dental crypto payments in Mexico.”

Dr. Viridiana Kyle, Principal Dentist, Sonrise Odontología Estetica Integral




Apart from an exceptional dentist, Dr. Kyle is also a devoted dentalpreneur. Sonrise Odontologia is oriented towards dental tourism. For more than 10 years now, a multitude of patients from Mexico and abroad have visited the practice in quest of a healthy smile. She always gives her best to cater for the needs of each particular patient, creating a pleasant overall experience. And that is one of the key reasons she chose to join Dentacoin.


Outstanding Profile:
Dr. Romy Angeles (Peru)

We would like to congratulate Dr. Romy Angeles from Peru for her exceptional patient rating on Trusted Reviews! She works as a Oral Rehabilitation Specialist at Angeles Maslucan Dentistas, the only dental clinic in the country whose doctors are members of the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD). Dr. Angeles holds a postgraduate diploma “Mastership in Laser Therapy in Dentistry” from RWTH Aachen University, famous as a world leader in dental laser education – the dentistry of the future.

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