Dentacoin is proud to have gathered a network of high-quality professionals from all over the world. All of them have not only worked hard to cure teeth but have committed to preventative dental care. After all, what makes an exceptional practice is not only treatment methods but the ways in which dentists engage patients and teach about prevention. Now, without further ado, it has come time to present September’s Top Dentist of The Month:


🏆 Dr. Trino Nuno  – Progressive Partner Dentist

Dr. Trino Nuno is devoted to treating people with a holistic dentistry approach. He believes that natural treatments can really benefit people, and strives to spread knowledge through patients. Furthermore, he is devoted to educating people about the oral microbiome. 

Besides all that, Dr. Nuno is also a firm supporter of cryptocurrencies and digital payment methods! His practice located in Omaha, Nebraska has been accepting DCN  for more than 2 years ago. Recently he also opened another dental clinic, called MiBöca Dentistry, alongside other outstanding dentists in the area. Powered by the latest trends in dentistry, they treat people and also provide discounts for payments made with crypto.

At first, Dr. Nuno was impressed how DCN can reduce transaction costs which ultimately lowers the final payment for the customer. But later he also saw other benefits such as increased patient engagement and better knowledge on preventative care. He strongly believes that health is the foundation for happiness and success. And with his natural urge to help the community, he has devoted his life and career to make the life of patients better. We congratulate Dr. Nuno on his devotion to healthcare and we are honored to be partners!




🏆 Dr. Anna Chumachenko – New Partner Dentist

Ukraine is now one step further in the digitalization of the dental sector, as progressive partner Dr. Anna Chumachenko joined Dentacoin Partner Network. With Ukraine being in the top 5 crypto adoption countries in the world, it was about time that Dentacoin expanded into this market. And we are so happy to have been joined by doctor Anna who is an exceptional dentist.

Dr. Chumachenko found out about Dentacoin on IDS in 2019 and was impressed by the progressive idea from the very beginning. 2 years later Dr. Chumachenko has decided to join Dentacoin Partner network as she believes that this helps new small practices, like hers, grow bigger. Not long has passed since she adopted DCN tools but she already has reported to see many positives.

“We are open to new opportunities for improvements in the dental field, and we like to choose reliable partners for this purpose. Overall we are very happy to work with Dentacoin.” shared Dr. Chumachenko.




🏆 Diana Patricia Rincon Rojas – Outstanding Practice

Quality dental care is a mission possible in Bogota, Columbia! Dr. Diana Rojas is a dentist specializing in periodontology. With more than 15 years behind her back, she is deeply committed to using the advantages of technology to make day-to-day work and life better. And patients are more than happy with her caring treatment methods as you can see from all the positive reviews in her Trusted Reviews profile. Not only is she using her knowledge to cure patients’ smiles, but she is always explaining in detail the process to her clients. With comforting manners, Dr. Roja is sure to create an exceptional dental experience for patients.



We are happy to recognize as Top Dentists of The Month such hardworking and progressive dentists. We dive in deep into the Autumn month with a positive attitude in mind and useful strategies in our hands. Check out our top 5 autumn marketing campaign tips! And don’t forget to enjoy the month ahead!