The beginning of the year is always busy for dentists. As people set up new years resolutions for better health, dentists’ offices keep on ringing. In times like this, it’s important to celebrate the practitioners who keep on working hard and bring change to the global dental scene!


Let’s explore who are the intriguing professionals who have been honored with Top Dentist of the Month for February.


🏆  Dr. Kafilul Bari Khan, India – Progressive Partner


🏆  Chirag Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, India – New Partner Clinic


🏆  Dr. Juan Rodriguez, Columbia – Outstanding Profile


Dr. Kafilul Bari Khan – Progressive Partner


During the last years, Dr. Kafilul Bari Khan has witnessed how digitalization is changing each sector of the world. Since DCN adoption, he has been seeing how new technological advancements can benefit one’s dental practice as well.


Dr. Khan happily shares that he started experiencing many positive changes since joining Dentacoin Partner Network. One positive change that is of utmost importance is enhanced patient satisfaction. The recent DCN implementation allows people to receive monetization for sharing their personal dental experiences. And good reviews have started to pile up on Dr. Khan’s Trusted Reviews page. We are sure that there are many positive changes to come for the pioneering dentist.




Chirag Dental Clinic and Implant Centre – New Partner Clinic


Dr. Darshak Shah is one of our latest partners, but we are certain that you shall be hearing a lot more about him in the future as well! He saw being part of Dentacoin as something that would differentiate him as an innovator in the local dentistry scene in Ahmedabad. What is more, he has already started spreading the word about the priorities of DCN adoption.


Dr. Shah is a specialist with more than 20 years of experience, but he knows that the future of the dentistry profession is withheld in digitalization. He is excited to give his patients the chance to earn crypto tokens by sharing their dental experiences. Dr. Shah implements all these changes due to one reason, as he states “We put the patient’s interest above all”.




Dr. Juan Rodriguez – Outstanding Profile


This month we are happy to honor Dr. Juan Rodriguez in the category of Outstanding Profile. The Bogota-based professional has been building a good reputation and collecting many positive reviews on Trusted Reviews website for some time. 


With the recent rise of cryptocurrency usage in Latin America, it is no wonder that people are interested in using alternative payment methods for medical bills as well. And Dr. Juan’s Rodriguez patients are happy to monetize their dental experiences by using DCN tools, as it can be seen.




We are happy to recognize Top Dentists of The Month such hardworking and progressive dentistry professionals. With the spring season approaching, we are excited to see what the new months will bring us, and who will be the dentists of the brighter future.