The time has come to announce The Top Dentists of 2021! We are honored to have a network with such inspiring professionals, and we believe that it is of the utmost importance to honor the change-makers of dentistry. 


Dentacoin community members and the general audience had the opportunity to give their vote for their favorite dentists of three categories. Without further ado, let’s review who are the stars of each category.


🏆 Dr. Saif Siddiqui, Advance Dentalcare – Progressive Partner Dentist of 2021

🏆 Dr. Viridiana Kyle – New Partner Dentist of 2021

🏆 Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital – Outstanding Clinic Profile of 2021


🏆 Dr. Saif Siddiqui – Progressive Partner Dentist of 2021


Dr. Saif Siddiqui, well deservedly tops as Dentacoin’s Progressive Partner Dentist of 2021! 

He is one of the most active dentists at the Dentacoin Partner Network. Having implemented DCN tools into his practice a little over six months ago, Dr. Saif Siddiqui has already managed to create a big impact. During this short period, he has influenced a number of his colleagues and friends and inspired them to join the new dentistry blockchain revolution. 


As one of Dentacoin’s most progressive partners, Dr. Saif is known to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies and new technologies around the area of Lucknow. Patients with lower income manage to have their teeth cured as Dr. Saif completes full dental treatments just with DCN payments. We are excited to witness how our partnership with Dr. Saif will develop further.




🏆 Dr. Viridiana Kyle – New Partner Dentist of 2021


With the recent rise of crypto implementation in Latin America, Dr. Viridiana Kyle saw joining Dentacoin as a necessity. As most of her patients were already using crypto, she wanted to give them an option for easier payments. The ever-smiling Dr. Kyle surely puts patients’ interests always at first and maybe that is what makes her so successful.


Having always been devoted to working on social causes such as woman empowerment and helping refugees. As someone who is devoted to providing for the less fortunate, Dr. Kyle found solutions in Dentacoin’s concept. She is happy to spread awareness about the importance of dental care. Furthermore, she has shared that the set of new advanced tools is giving her the chance to enhance the good experience of patients. It seems like people are appreciating Dr. Kyle’s efforts to progressive dentistry as they voted for her to be Top Dentist of The Year in the category of New Partners. 




🏆 Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital – Outstanding Clinic Profile

With the honorable distinction of Outstanding Clinic Profile, voters choose Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital. This comes as no surprise because the clinic has been building a positive reputation over the Trusted Reviews website with an extensive amount of excellent reviews. 


With the latest technologies in hands, eco-friendly atmosphere and stylish interior design patients’ good impression cannot be missed. Led by top specialists Dr. Nirav Patel as Managing Director and Dr. Pankti Patels as Chief Dentist, the Ahmedabad-based practice is the place to have a beautiful smile created!




The winners are awarded the Top Dentist of the Year recognition, a bonus premium of DCN, and a special marketing campaign of their practice in cooperation with Dentacoin.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and updates throughout the year!