Patient stories and testimonials are among the top three video materials that patients would like to see on their dentist’s website. That’s what recent survey results on the topic “The perfect dentist’s website” show.

When we think about reviews, we often imagine a star rating or a point system. However, the future of online reviews is much more interactive! And if you want to keep up with your patient’s expectations now is the time to implement video reviews in your practice.

Myths and facts about video reviews!

It is a common misconception that video content is hard to create. In reality though, unless you are creating a whole marketing campaign you don’t need to overcomplicate things. Video reviews are a format that doesn’t need much editing or production in order to be valuable.

Patients only need a wi-fi connection, a phone, and maybe a video editing app if they want to make some video cuts. And how does one leave a useful video review? Advise the patient to focus on their specific dental treatment and how it was handled. We covered all about how to leave a useful review for your dentist here.

Why are video reviews more engaging?

According to a Forbes study, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it’s watched, whereas only 10% when it’s read. Naturally, video reviews are much more convincing because the format itself gives people a more engaging experience.

Another study has found that users spend 88% more time on a website that includes video content. This only proves that videos are a great way to catch patients’ attention and leave a good impression. The more time one spends engaging with your practice online, the more likely that person is to book an appointment.

Testimonial authorization

Videos can be used as an alternative to written testimonials. Surely, it has happened to anybody to wonder if the testimonials that they read are real. But a video format reinforces the credibility and helps build trust.

57% of people say that videos gave them more confidence to purchase items online. Similarly, video testimonials drive patients to take a step further in their dental journey.

Videos give a chance for patients to earn incentives

In days where there is easy access to all kinds of information, it is of utmost priority to have a platform of verification. This is where trusted and regulated online review platforms come into the picture. And the great thing is that these websites often reward their users for sharing their experiences with others.

Dentacoin’s Trusted Reviews serve as a tool for collecting patients’ honest feedback. But what is more, the platform stimulates people to leave a review by crypto token incentives.

Invite your patients today to join Trusted Reviews.

It’s a fact that video format is more engaging, and many people know it. Only a handful of people, though, are ready to do something different. Start encouraging your patients to leave video reviews and see how this will affect your client base in the next few months!