When you ask someone which segment the dentistry belongs to, you will always receive a no-brainer answer of it being part of the medical field. But if you think about it, is it really that different than other members of the service industry? In reality not so much – you as a patient walk in and your dentist performs their service to you, much like a customer would do, when walking into the hotel of their choosing.

But if that’s the case why aren’t dental professionals treating their patients in the same way? This is the million-dollar question for a lot of industry participants and it is oftentimes the make-or-break factor for many small and large businesses in the sector. Why? Because a poor experience at the dentist is a surefire way to lose their trust, damage the relationship you build with them, causing them to choose a different service provider. 


Dentistry vs Hospitality

Considering this, it is hard to miss the resemblance with the hospitality industry – from hotels to fast-food restaurants, which often rely on word-of-mouth and reviews to attract customers. According to statistics outlined by Siteminder, a whopping 96% of customers see reviews as an important tool to make their decision of whether or not they will be staying in a hotel. Similar results are found for the dental industry too, confirmed by survey results from the dental market research platform DentaVox. Similar results are found for the dental industry too, confirmed by survey results from the dental market research platform DentaVox.

Seeing such an obvious correlation between the results should surely make you wonder about the missed opportunities to generate more patients for your practice, as you remember waving this away in the past. Fortunately for you as a dental professional, there is now a quick and easy way to compensate for that, with the help of Trusted Reviews – the online review platform that ensures real quality reviews from confirmed patients.


Dentistry vs Fashion

Wondering what else you might have brushed aside when considering a marketing approach for your practice, you need not look further than the fashion industry – one renowned for being cutting edge and trendy. It is the same industry that knows painfully well, how important it is to be able to understand the minds of your customers before they have even entered your location to use your services.

Usually, medical trends in patients are not so easy to find in general, especially when it comes to niche trends, such as those that are for the dental industry. Worry not though, as the previously mentioned dental market research platform DentaVox is here to make your life as a trend-aware dentist much, much easier. With just a click of a button and a few search queries, DentaVox gives you a birds-eye view of critical components relevant to your patients’ thinking. And the best thing about it? They are free – all you need is an account and you can have access to granular statistics on a plethora of dental topics – from what toothpaste, or toothbrush your patients prefer to more in-depth results, such as dental marketing insights, or how best to approach patients with severe dental anxiety.

So now that you see the parallels between the dental and service industries, are you ready to make a change to your approach and generate a bigger patient flow for the future? Fortunately for you, with the help of Trusted Reviews and DentaVox, it won’t take a dime out of your pocket, just a few minutes of your time to sign up and reap the rewards.