We’ve all had our fair share of sitting in a dentist waiting room. Some of our experiences were great and allowed us to prepare mentally for our treatment, and others not so great, filled with screams and terror of those that came before us. 

Considering the significant amount of the population that suffers from dental anxiety, setting up your waiting room as a dental professional can oftentimes mean the difference between a good and a bad review. After all, humans are emotional beings, and creating a soothing environment, before an emotionally-exhausting experience will certainly take some of the edge off even the most painful of procedures.

Not surprisingly, this claim is confirmed by a survey conducted by the dental market research platform DentaVox, where more than half of the respondents see the ideal waiting room as one that is relaxing. This answer overshadowed all the others with cozy, coming in at number two, but only with around 10-15% of respondents choosing so. 

your dentists waiting room dentavox

Additionally in the same survey respondents pointed out that its primary purpose should be to help patients prepare for their upcoming treatment, with roughly a third of all answers. But there is more, as coming in at close second is the “All of the above” answer, meaning that albeit the waiting room’s primary purpose is to prepare patients, it is so much more than that. 

your dentists waiting room dentavox

The perfect dentist waiting room has to entertain patients and provide a place to kill time. It should also be a place to rest post-treatment, one that serves as a reception and a meeting place, while allowing a certain degree of separation. 

In other words, it is the hub of your practice – where all the magic happens, even before the treatment has even started. For a lot of patients, it is the place where they will spend most of their time while visiting the dentist.

Unfortunately, it is also the place that is most often overlooked. In their answers in the same survey, a bit less than half of the respondents pointed out that the waiting room during their last visit to the dentist, wasn’t even a room, but a hallway, or a corner in the practice and for a small minority it did not even exist. 

So if you stumble on a vague and bad review, unrelated to your treatment, don’t ponder too much on it. Just look to the heart and soul of your practice – your waiting room and put yourself in the shoes of a patient. Would you be comfortable waiting for treatment? Thankfully, by signing up for the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews platform, you can get granular evaluation of the patient experience, including that of the ambience, such as that of your waiting room.