Picking a dentist online can be a tedious task. From dodging fake reviews to sifting through either too much or too vague information, the journey is full of pitfalls of all shapes and sizes. But being aware of the risks is not enough for anyone to make a rational decision and oftentimes patients have to rely on their gut or personal feelings to make the choice. 


So if you don’t exactly have an eye for top dentists what are some of the factors that you should be looking out for? According to the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews platform the critical aspects of online dentist reviews are pre-treatment communication, ambience, reception, doctor, assistant, treatment, communication, and billing. Let’s find out why these have made it in the list:


Pre-Treatment Communication 

It is often the case that people forget that their experience at the dentist begins even before they have ever stepped foot at the dental practice. That is why it is wise to take pre-treatment communication into consideration when picking a dentist through online reviews. Slow and unresponsive service that provides little helpful information can be quite torturous for pretty much anyone and can be a telltale sign of how your dental experience will be further down the journey. 



As patients are very likely to have to spend a certain degree of time in the waiting room, having a calm and soothing ambience can make the difference between a horror show and a treatment made in heaven. Few people will enjoy being stuck in a corridor outside the treatment room waiting for their appointment under the sound of screaming coming from other patients, making ambience another critical factor to look for. 



A reception is the business card of any dentist when a patient first enters. A warm and welcoming vibe from the receptionists can be key to soothing your dental anxiety (and there are a lot such cases). Not only that but it can also prove vital in predisposing and preparing you for what you can expect in terms of prices and treatment, so there are no unpleasant surprises half-way.



Naturally, when one selects a dentist, their primary concern should be the dentist who will perform the treatment. That is why it is important to choose one that you can trust and see as competent enough to perform the procedure you need. Never settle for uninterested doctors who just want to drill and fill you quickly, as quick temporary solutions can create big and expensive issues in the future.


Dental Assistant 

Dental assistants are just as important as the dentist, especially when it comes to complicated procedures. They are there to make you feel at ease during treatments and provide competent and timely assistance during procedures, making them another key factor to look for when picking a dentist. If you wouldn’t choose an apathetic dentist why would you choose an assistant with the same qualities?



When it comes to treatment quality an untrained eye can hardly make the difference between good and bad until it is too late. However, this does not mean that it is an unimportant factor. Quite the opposite as in addition to the quality of the treatment there are other aspects that you as a patient can spot that will immediately make your mind. Having a relaxed experience that caters to all your needs, paired with the use of modern equipment can oftentimes make the difference between a good and bad treatment in the eyes of pretty much anyone. 



As mentioned previously pre-treatment communication is vital for a positive patient experience, but having such during the treatment itself is just as key. Being presented with access to a detailed treatment plan and access to options will certainly make a great impression on you, as you leave factory floor dentistry and enter a personalised world, where you can pick the best alternatives. Naturally, this only applies if you fully understand the aspects, which is another key point in communication quality. 


Billing experience 

Last, but certainly not least is the billing experience. Nobody likes a huge bill they were not aware of being served post-treatment, so being aware of the costs beforehand can be critical. Having various payment options is also certainly a plus, as dental manipulations can be quite costly, and being able to pay in installments will certainly put your wallet at ease.


So now that you know what to look for when choosing a dentist online, do you feel ready to make your pick? Is your current dentist the best option according to these factors, or are you still unsure? 


In case you are, hop on to the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews platform, where all these aspects are taken into account when a review is put up for a particular dentist. And the best thing about it? The platform works with verified patient reviews, so you can rest assured that the information you are sifting through is exactly what you are looking for.