Reviews for dentist Advanced Dental and Root Canal Treatment Centre in New Delhi, Delhi, India

Advanced Dental and Root Canal Treatment Centre

Partner Clinic
Reviews for dentist Advanced Dental and Root Canal Treatment Centre in New Delhi, Delhi, India

Advanced Dental and Root Canal Treatment Centre

Partner Clinic
New Delhi, Delhi, India
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Himanshu Rawat:
Trusted Review
“General check up of orals, cleaning and hygienic”
Trusted Review
Apr 23, 2021 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
I was suffering from bad breathing, but after visiting here now i am confident as now teeths are clean as new Show entire review
Shravya Reddy:
Trusted Review
“Good Service”
Trusted Review
Jun 8, 2020 • Root canal treatment
My root canal surgery was painless. I was well taken care of at the clinic and treated using all kinds of high end equipment. The clinic was near and tidy, the room over looked a beautiful plant area which was very soothing. The ambience was peaceful and quite. I was some given medicines free of cost such as the painkiller. I would highly recommend the place to anyone considering going to this clinic. Show entire review
Arjun Maurya:
Trusted Review
“It was good experience”
Trusted Review
Jun 3, 2020 • Fillings • Root canal treatment • Crowns
I am highly satisfied with the treatment without pain. Dr. Aggarwal explained me all the procedure before treatment .
Well maintained hygienic clinic. I'll recommend it to my family and friends. His all team is well experienced.
Waiting area is very comfortable , enough space for patients. Show entire review
Advanced Dental and Root Canal Treatment Centre -
Thanks For your kind words Arjun! We'd love to continue providing great service to awesome patients like you.

Migeena Bonchha:
Trusted Review
“Tooth Filling”
Trusted Review
Jun 3, 2020 • Fillings
I had the filling done in my front teeth and Dr. Agarwal has treated it so well. I am very happy with the treatment and fully satisfied how my teeth looks like now. Would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you ! Show entire review
Trusted Review
“Wisdom Tooth Extraction”
Trusted Review
Jun 2, 2020 • Tooth extraction
I had pain in my upper last tooth , when i consulted Dr.Agarwal he advised an x-ray for the tooth, he explained to me that my tooth was "Impacted" , it is a condition where the tooth is erupting in a crooked manner. The only option was to get the tooth removed , i was worried in the begining, but Dr.Agarwal assured me that the treatment is a normal procedure for them . I then decided to get my tooth removed , I was really surprised that it took no longer than 5-10 minutes and before i could realized what was happening the tooth was out . It did not pain at all and the treatment was really Professional .
Thank you Sir
+91 8555047586 Show entire review
Trusted Review
“very well versed and highly experienced. Overall experience was beyond expected. I would highly recommend others.”
Trusted Review
Jun 2, 2020 • Fillings • Root canal treatment • Crowns • Implant placement
very well versed and highly experienced.
Overall experience was beyond expected. I would highly recommend others.
Delhi Show entire review
Aditya Shekhar: “It was good experience”
Mar 25, 2021 Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
It was good experience to being there.
I got good service Show entire review
Mohd Idrees: “I am satisfied”
Mar 24, 2021 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Fillings • Root canal treatment • Tooth extraction • Crowns • Implant placement • Braces
Its over all good experience.. And i am quite satisfied. But it was costly because my income is low. Show entire review
Rahul Dhakate: “Responsible”
Dec 5, 2020 • Root canal treatment • Crowns
I have very good experience with dentist and their team. They are all supportive and responsive. Show entire review
Arun V Nair: “Better place”
Aug 20, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
IAM so happy by the treatment given by the doctor they took good care of me IAM so happy Show entire review
MD Samar Qadri: “i am very enjoy during treatment .”
Aug 18, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Tooth extraction
i am very enjoy during treatment .
i like very much .
he is awsome dentits.
treatment is succesful.
i am very enjoy.
my expectation is big but Show entire review
Lavendra Kumar: “Checkup”
Aug 16, 2020 • Check up
It was nice experience and i am fully satusfied. But i was bit worry about the cost of the treatment. Show entire review
Ishant Kumar: “review for this dentist”
Aug 6, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning
Pranav Hatim: “Nice”
Aug 5, 2020 • Check up
Clinic was clean well maintained with covid protocol Doctor was soft spoken explained details clearly and got my Wisdom tooth extracted Which was shaking and also told me about the gum infection on my lower bridge and advised me to get it re conditioned or replaced since the teeth holding the bridge may need root canal or new fillings , she also took the trouble of explaining what processes are available , either drill through the present bridge and get the root canal done and patch it up or replace it with new Bridge to avoid further gum Show entire review
Shweta Srivastav: “Teeth whitening”
Jun 26, 2020 Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
I went for dent cleaning and whitening services and it was a good experience with them. Show entire review
Deepak Taneja: “My experience with Dr Sanjay Agarwal”
Jun 3, 2020 • Check up • Caries infiltration • Dental sealants for children • Periodontal treatment • Tooth extraction • Teeth whitening • Composite bonding • Inlays & onlays • Bridges • Implant placement • Bone augmentation • Other
I would like to introduce myself as a representative of LIC of India. I am working since 2003

engaged in giving financial Protection to the family of the Insured. I am committed towards

enchancing the experience of services provided to insured and to their family.

I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my appreciation for Dr. Sanjay

Agarwal who is professionally a Dentist . I had referred Dr. Sanjay Agarwal to Mr. Sudhir

Taneja working as a free lancer was suering from Precancerous lesion (Leukoplakia) White

Patches on both sides of tongue and Cheek Mucosa. Dr. Sanjay Agarwal diagnosed the

problem in $me and helped him to recovered from the disease.

He is an extremely skillful person with an higher intellect of comprehending the situation and

having a complete knowledge of resolving the same.

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal has imbibed the BNI philosophy in total and I gratefully acknowledge

his role in helping us.*

I wish Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, all the very best for all his endeavors within and outside of BNI. I

am very sure that he will go a long way in helping the BNI Mintage chapter and the Delhi

South Region grow from strength to strength. I would be honored to recommend him to any

other client. He is likely to be extremely professional & helpful Show entire review

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