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Dr. Alexandros Kimionis

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Athina, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece

Καισαρείας 6, 115 27, Αθήνα (Κάθετη στο ύψος της Λεωφ. Βασιλίσσης Σοφίας 110) Περιοχή Ιπποκρατείου νοσοκομείου

+30 210 748 7200

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Top Dentist: January 2020




Every patient wants the same thing. Not to be a patient.

Everyone wants a healthy and beautiful smile. In our vision, there is only one kind of treatment, the kind where you stop being a patient. A one-way trip to health and beauty. Implants, veneers, orthodontic appliances, and anything else are simply procedures from a treatment plan architecture, which is unique for every patient. At the end of this trip, you are healthy, have the smile you always wanted, and you have a long-lasting result.

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