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Matheus Oliverira: “great clinic I only have ten good things”
Feb 6, 2021 Тooth cleaning • Fillings • Tooth extraction • Teeth whitening • Porcelain veneers
super recommend loved super recommend I loved it mainly be careful with patient, very great affection Show entire review
Francisco José Ramírez Pérez: “Excelencia y calidad dental”
Dec 5, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
Buena experiencia y buen servicio estoy. Satisfecho por recibir un buen trato y buen tratamiento con uso de excelente personal y equipamiento. Show entire review
Gül Mutfağı: “reliable dental services.”
Dec 5, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Fillings • Caries infiltration • Dental sealants for children • Root canal treatment • Periodontal treatment • Tooth extraction • Teeth whitening • Composite bonding • Porcelain veneers • Composite veneers • Inlays & onlays • Crowns • Bridges • Dentures • Implant placement • Bone augmentation • Braces • Clear aligners • Retainers • Orthognathic surgery • Other
reliable dental services.
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patient satisfaction is high. Show entire review

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