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Chris Darling:
Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Oct 26, 2019 • Tooth extraction • Implant placement
I have had a full bottom jaw replacement (top jaw to follow!). Excellent consultation when a full explanation and professional report provided for procedures recommended. All staff I dealt with were friendly and happy to answer any questions I had. The dentist that carried out the work, Elena Tuma, was reassuring and confident in carrying out the procedure, the end result fully meeting my expectations, so I would certainly recommend this practice to anyone considering implants. Looking forward to commencement of top jaw project!! Show entire review
Mari Verdes:
Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Nov 14, 2018
I wasn't very sure when I first stepped in the clinic if I did the right choice. After that the medical team revised me and had a chat with the financial consultant, then I told my self that: "yes, it was the best choice".
Performance equipment, high standard staff, exceptional service at affordable prices.
Highly recommended. Show entire review
Gina Manescu:
Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Nov 14, 2018
I just did the first review and talk about treatment and cost plan.
I was very pleased to wait for the whole treatment to be done because I am impressed and sure that everything will be great or exceptional.

Thank u , Show entire review
Graham Baré:
Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Aug 8, 2018
My journey began in October 2016 when I visited the Dentaprime clinic in Stratford for my initial consultation. This continued into 2017 when I was offered a visit to the Varna clinic as there was a techincal problem preventing the Stratford clinic from opening as a practise. I had a wonderful week where I had two sinus lifts and 6 implants put in my lower jaw. I then had to wait six months to be assessed as having healed correctly and that the sinus lifts had stabilised. Another appointment at Stratford to have four more implants put in my upper jaw and another period for them to heal and stabilise. That leads us to the 3rd August 2018 when I had my final Zirconium bridges installed. I cannot praise the staff too highly for their service, professionalism, expertise and care taken over looking after me and the treatment I had. I would recommend them to anybody for whatever course of treatment they would like to have. Show entire review
Paris Milaios:
Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Apr 23, 2018
Efficiency + Quality +Value = Awesome 5 stars !!!! I'm very happy with my initial results since its only been a few days and I'm almost pain free from the surgery ...the temporary bridge fit perfectly and so far I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY stay tuned Ill be back in August for the Permanent Bridge to my Happiness thanks to all the staff in the UK for all you help concerns and treatment you guys ROCK!!! Show entire review
Калина Захариева: “Well done everyone”
Jan 13, 2021 • Check up • Tooth extraction • Implant placement
I had my bottom jaw done in September 2020 with the all on four implants On the day of the operation I was very nervous and fearful and very nearly chickened out However it turned out to be really not as I'd feared or expected I felt no pain during the 2 hours of having my lower gums cut opened, scraped, drilled and then have four implants placed into my jaw The operation went well and I was fitted with a set of dentures the next day I did not feel any pain for the next few days although I was given some medication to combat that My jaw was swollen from the episode and I have lots of bruising too My face returned to its pretty self after a week and I'm glad to be feeling a lot better now I am presently waiting for the clinic to book me in for the final stage of my treatment This involves getting a permanent set of dentures that I believe is made from Zirconia Can't wait for that to happen In the meantime I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank all the staffs at Dentaprime with special mention to Dr Tuma for the professional tasks of helping me get a beautiful smile and also be able to eat properly with workable teeths The staff's at Dentaprime are really great at what they do Good time keeping with appointments great job of handling the Covid guild lines and great sense of professionalism Well done everyone Give each other a elbow bump Keep up the great work Show entire review
Rafael David: “Thank you Dentaprime F3T”
Aug 12, 2019
Amazing professionals in here. overall i'm happy with my treatment Show entire review
Maulana Prastio:
Feb 16, 2018
this docter is very good I am happy with his treatment is very polite, pasian who will come would be happy thank you Show entire review
Hendra Permana:
Feb 15, 2018
my experience is comfortable with the treatment and the place is clean, this could be material for others because very recomendation of his employees are very friendly Show entire review
Sam Smith:
Feb 11, 2018
very professional - no wait time - serious - hope it help you as me
have phoned and they tell me to come now.
everything was great Show entire review
Stuart Robertson:
Feb 11, 2018
Professional and efficient , makes a visit to the dentist not so scary. I suffer from anxiety with regards to dentists but here I felt at ease and the staff were very accomodating Show entire review
Catalina Johnson:
Oct 13, 2017
Amazing clinic! I loved my dental experience! Show entire review
Ben Cohen:
Oct 7, 2017
Absolutely Delighted to have found this place.
Less than half the price quoted in UK clinics & treatment twice as good.
How do they do it?
For me it’s investment in high tech equipment & efficiency.

I have been to Bulgaria twice but so happy they have opened in UK.
The team in Stratford are from Bulgaria who work & live together. They are one big happy family which means it’s a happy clinic too.

They made me perfect temporary dentures in less than 24 hours which fit so well they don’t need glue unlike the 3 previous ones I had made here.

Also prices in the UK clinic are lower than Bulgaria. Get in quick before they change their minds

So happy with my treatment & big thanks to all of them 😃

Ben Show entire review
Julia Radeva:
Oct 6, 2017
Perfect service, excellent quality, exceptional team!!! Show entire review

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