Reviews for dentist Dr. Ilir Hoti in Tirane, Qarku i Tiranes, Albania
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Dr. Ilir Hoti

(Ilir Hoti)

Tirane, Qarku i Tiranes, Albania

Rruga Shaqar Oshafi, Tiranë

+355 694436019

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Top Dentist: April 2021




He is also one of the first Dentists in the region to introduce the use of Hypnotherapy for certain patients who do not want to use needles, removes the phobia of patients who are afraid of the doctor, dental armchair or various phobias, with great success Removes Acute Pain and Chronicle etc .. He is a member of AIA - American International Association. He has trained several colleagues, doctors in the field of Hypnotherapy, who have been quite successful in incorporating Hypnotherapy into Medicine.

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