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“Thank you dentist 😊😊😊”
Trusted Review
Feb 17, 2021 Тooth cleaning
thank you very much because you are a good service in my teeth my teeth now is so white Show entire review
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Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Oct 16, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
nice nice nice nice nice nice Nice very helpfull promise Show entire review
Galenzoga Ballo Aniebert: “good”
Mar 4, 2021 Тooth cleaning
It was a very fascinating and very overwhelming job of being a dentist...and Dr. Lorena Joyce C. Libatique proved it very well that dentist is not something to be afraid of but someone whom we can trust of our teeth,. and even to the most delicate operations i feel safe when she became dentist of my child Show entire review
Julie Rosatase Ofqueria Jaranilla: “Very friendly and accommodating”
Mar 2, 2021 • Check up • Tooth extraction
Very friendly, always ready to listen, worth every single cent you spent, highly recommended professional doctor. Show entire review


Top Dentist: February 2021
General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pediatrics
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MDC-Mirasol Dental Clinic.We promote Dental Tourism. We are located on the island that is full of awesome people and great white beaches. A dental clinic situated on the island giving the patients an attractive smile to make a lasting impression!
Experience MDC,experience dental tourism at Caluya,Island.

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