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Emmanuel Almonord Charles:
Trusted Review
Trusted Review
Dec 31, 2020 • Check up Тooth cleaning
bueno fueron rapidos y no senti solro casiente asi que la secretaria por seer negro me hablaba mal al parecer pero derspies todo bien Show entire review
Trusted Review
“Dr. Wael El Tawil”
Trusted Review
Dec 5, 2020 Тooth cleaning • Teeth whitening
My daughter recommended this dentistry. They have been extremely professional, caring, and fast. Teeth cleaning is a breeze. Cavities are taken care of quickly and well. I'm always amazed at how fast I'm out of the office, and I never feel rushed. Everyone is extremely helpful and personable and thorough, yet everything happens very quickly. Show entire review
Ali Hashem:
Trusted Review
“Very very professional !”
Trusted Review
Feb 25, 2019
I visited Dr El Tawil after a severe pain on my upper jaw. It appeared to be a cyst causing this pain. Thanks god he saved the tooth, the cyst was removed and root canal took place. As a nervous patient i can say that he was very gentle and did a great job! Thank you Doc !!!! Show entire review

About Dr. Wael El Tawil

Top Dentist: May 2020
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-Realize the dentist function by offering the best service to the patients:

1-Carry out a dental check-up with every patient.
2-Treat unhealthy teeth, repair the broken ones and if needed extract a tooth or several.
3-Treat the different pathologies that affect teeth and gums.
4-Produce the molds that assist in the fabrication of customized appliances.
5-Perform or recommend X-rays.
6-Complete small operations under anesthesia such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, the placement of the pivots or th

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